Overlord (2018)
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France, World War II, June 1944. On the eve of D-Day, some American paratroopers fall behind enemy lines after their plane crashes during a mission consisting of destroying a German radio tower in Cielblanc, a small village near the beaches of Normandy. After reaching their target, the surviving paratroopers realize that, in addition to fighting Nazi troops that patrol the village, they also must fight against something else.
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This was way way too fun a movie. Went in knowing nothing, very pleased.
posted by triage_lazarus at 7:27 AM on February 24, 2019 [1 favorite]

Wanted to see it so bad, but life reasons had me missing it in theaters. Any idea when and what platform it will be streaming on?
posted by seasparrow at 8:18 AM on February 28, 2019 [1 favorite]

It's a $4 rental on Amazon Prime and Google Play. (Presumably on iTunes as well.) Doesn't seem to be streaming on any of the major subscription services yet, though.
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Just watched this (on Blu-Ray, as of July it’s still not streamable without renting it) and loved it. Between this and his role as Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones, Pilou Asbæk is the oily douchey villain king of 2019.

People who like this should check out the movie Frankenstein’s Army. It covers much of the same ground but is both more lo-fi/low budget and more inventive.
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Excellent fun. Competently executed. Even now, the extended opening air insertion scene is breathtaking.

Did really like the alt take on the Z-word, especially when canon(ical) fails, a cannon flamethrower will do. Also the whole 'Doom/ Wolfenstein-' castle turn.
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