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Yes Yes No returns and Alex Blumberg takes us on a journey from secret celebrity love letters to the biggest, strangest rock band you've never heard of. Also, basketball.
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This was a weird half hour of me feeling embarrassed for rich people.
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That "JD & The Straight Shot" thing is just... Like, I was thinking of going to find some links to add here? But then I just really, really don't want to look at his videos after all.
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I love Sports Sports Sports because of how proud Blumberg gets that he knows something that Alex & PJ don't. I can't help laughing.
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That PJ laugh during the Straight Shot reveal is easily a top five PJ laugh.
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See, to me Sports Sports Sports is embarrassing because Blumberg is imposing his hobby on his employees against their will. At least the literary stuff was interesting.
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I feel like they're in on it.
Plus, I can barely imagine another Podcast that gets me interested in sports (sports sports), so I tend to enjoy those episodes too.
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I only saw the meme after the episode, and I...still don't understand the meme.
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and I...still don't understand the meme.

The Knicks traded away their very best player.
The Knicks are spinning the decision as “now we have a bunch of money to hire several other really good players!”
The meme is suggesting that anyone expecting that to actually happen is vastly overestimating the situation - just as Jonathan Safran Foer overestimated his relationship with Natalie Portman when he broke up his marriage on the assumption that Portman would break up hers to marry him.
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I had no idea about the Foer/Portman thing so I think learning about that was my favorite part.
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This yes, yes, no seems useful as a way to quickly weed out people I don't want to talk to at parties.

I've got to admit that JD & The Straight Shot is pretty entertaining, though. Not them, exactly, but the fact of their existence.
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