Elementary: The Five Orange Pipz
November 7, 2014 6:06 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Two men are murdered shortly after receiving envelopes containing five small orange beads. Sherlock and Joan have their first shot at "co-consulting" on a case from the beginning, while Kitty struggles to define her position as Sherlock's assistant in NYC and her relationships with Watson, Gregson, and Bell. Details about Kitty's past begin to come to light.
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I thought this was a fun episode. I don't terribly object to Kitty, either - I know some people have been less than fond of her, but I liked how she and Joan were relating at the end of the ep.
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I appreciated that Kitty gave permission of her own agency as a way to help herself move forward. It did feel like an experiment as Kitty had already thought Watson had seen the files as a prerequisite to working with her and the NYPD, and Sherlock implied to Watson through their hidden location and his secretiveness that Kitty wouldn't be aware he's passed her secrets to Joan.
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Still not on board with Kitty.

I squealed when the five orange beads fell out of the envelope because I get overly excited for canon references. I enjoyed the mystery and the multiple false leads this episode.
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It's going to be interesting to see where they go with Kitty - they need the mentee on the show so that both Joan and Sherlock can have someone to explain their insights to for the benefit of the audience (and I applaud the show for putting Watson at a level where she is as effective as Sherlock, rather than always being the one learning. "Brilliant, Holmes! But how did you know?").

If they handle things right, we get a new dynamic of Watson and Holmes working together while Kitty learns and develops; Kitty and Joan can develop their own relationship and methods. Or they can have Kitty continue to develop resentment for the bond between the two and become a vehicle for problems (especially since it sounds like they are trying to have Natalie Dormer as a guest star at some point this season). Or it might just be used to drive the point home that the Holmes/Watson pairing is a unique one and not something Holmes can just go out and replace.

I was rather skeptical of the direction the show was headed towards the end of last season, but I think it got handled rather well, so I'm willing to give the show runners a bit of a grace period when it comes to getting Kitty's development on the rails.
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I'm surprised that I'm warming up to Kitty and the new dynamics between everyone.

But, I have to admit that the very end where Watson gets the information but the viewer doesn't is beginning to be an unwelcome pattern for me and this show.
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