Steven Universe: Fusion Cuisine
November 7, 2014 2:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 32 - Subscribe

Steven convinces all three Crystal Gems to fuse together and pretend to be his mother in order to impress Connie's parents.
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I must have missed something. Other than just being a little kid, was there a good reason Steven couldn't just tell the truth that his Mom had passed away?
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He didn't want Connie to get in trouble for lying to her parents. Also, Rose didn't "pass away," she "gave up her physical form." She'll show up sometime.
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Small Dollar: She'll show up sometime.
Without revealing too much, I'm sure you're right. I just presumed it would be in flashback.

Maybe I need to go back and rewatch from the beginning of the series, because I thought that the implication of saying that Rose gave up her physical form is that she is dead. That her love with Greg and the conception of Steven meant that for Steven to live she had to die.

The other Gems, as is their wont, are just practical and matter-of-fact about it. I got the feeling that Greg and Steven haven't fully processed it yet.
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Nearly every line Garnet uttered this episode was hilarious. I can't pick a favorite from among "They're bleeding! Oh no, they are dead," "No dinner for one thousand years!" or the straight-into-the-camera "All comedy is derived from fear."
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"I'm sorry, I panicked."
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