Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm Finding My Bliss
March 15, 2019 10:53 PM - Season 4, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Rebecca tries out for the local community theater, while Paula is courted by various law firms.
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At this point I feel like it really would be better if in the Finale Rebecca ends up with non of the usual suspects.

She seriously needs to learn to love herself, and work out who she is BEFORE being in serious relationship with anyone else.

Also seeing Valencia slip back into old behaviour patterns around Marriage is extremely frustrating and disappointing.
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AV Club review link.

This one really affected me for many reasons:

(a) Rebecca can't sing IRL, the director even says she's a zero, but she gets a part? (Yes, it's TV, there's no show if the lead doesn't get a part, I'm aware of that.) I admit that before I saw the episode I had the feeling that literally everyone else on the show would get into this show and then not Rebecca, forcing her to realize that even though theater is her dream, the theater doesn't want her.

Oh, wait, that's MY life. Never mind. Moving on.

Anyway, the songs of Elliott Whozumz were spectacularly bad and terrible and I laughed my head off at the spoofing and at Paula's face and at Beth's commentary. Cheri Oteri should win some kind of award for acting so well that she liked them, damn girl.

Nathaniel's doing the wanting a husband song was a delight. Nathaniel did excellently in this episode. Greg II's "What'll It Be" was also very sweet.

I don't quite think this show leads to a breakup between Rebecca and theater. To change the lyrics a bit from another musical, "Find a better show." But at the same time, as another musical once said, "Where do we go from here?" I know Rebecca wants a theater career, but will any other theater have her? Plus there's the usual "have to have a day job" on top of that.

Oh, Valencia. I give you points for at least possibly kind of trying to propose yourself, but then have to deduct them for trying to force a proposal out of someone else and then essentially saying it's because you want to keep up with everyone else. Believe me, I understand that urge because I am the queen of left out of that kind of shit for eternity and therefore I am well aware of the social competition of marriage, but...that's not a romantic way to bring up marriage and I think Beth's gonna be mad. So uh, good luck with that.

I have no thoughts on Paula's plotline, but good for her on the money. "Paula’s in the “wow, I’m a valuable asset” portion." the AV Club said, and then I was all, "wow, that'd be nice to be valuable."

Maybe my own issues are coming out in this just a wee bit.
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I feel like this is clearly leading to Rebecca discovering a passion for writing for theater. She is good at that. I can picture her writing and producing a community theater musical to start...

Perhaps each of the ex boyfriends will discover that it's not really Rebecca they are still in love with, but the things that Rebecca brought out in them or encouraged them to pursue.
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As for Valencia, I think the whole point is that her behavior is unhealthy- and it's realistic that someone's unhealthy pattern of relating would continue in another relationship. One of the things I like about this show is that it depicts that.
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Thanks for posting about this, JimBennett. I had lost track of when this was coming back on and I didn't realize there was a new episode until I saw the FanFare post.
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(a) Rebecca can't sing IRL, the director even says she's a zero, but she gets a part?

That's a reference to a song in A Chorus Line, Dance Ten, Looks Three. I think it was meant to be a funny reference and also "well not many people are trying out, you all get a song".

The songs were super fun and, as a fan of old musicals also, sometimes painfully on the nose.

I liked that Valencia broke herself out of her pattern. No, her discussion with Beth wasn't perfect, and I wonder how much of it is just needing to get her back in West Covina permanently, but she was mad and then she was really clear about what she wanted and needed. It shows how much she's changed and how much she hasn't.
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I will be disappointed if she ends up with any of her exes. But I'm optimistic they're putting so much emphasis on the "redemption arc to earn her beau" that it's clearly just another rom-com trope they want to skewer.

Same with Valencia failing to recognize her own problematic behavior - from confidently believing her song aged well in contrast to Rebecca's to seeing herself as the woman in the relationship, and expecting Beth to perform the masculine gender norms. That said, I think it's a relatively small hiccup. With Beth talking to her mom, she temporarily regressed to her old self that needed validation in getting married and her codependent tendencies in needing to manage her partner's life rather than focusing on how she can get her needs met.

Back to Rebecca: I think she'd be well suited as a high school drama teacher. Maybe Tommy is working tech theater to get close to a girl, and the drama teacher gets arrested/otherwise indisposed. She gets to make a difference and is rewarded for updating old classics to be slightly less problematic. (Since the licensing rights for less problematic musical theater is out of their price range)
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I had the thought during this episode that she turns out to be a fictional version of Rachel Bloom. Like, she does crazy YouTube videos (maybe not starring her due to the lack of voice talent) but eventually she becomes a show creator!

I like the high school drama teacher though. It mostly suits her (treated) personality.
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