Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Need To Find My Frenemy
March 23, 2019 12:49 AM - Season 4, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Rebecca gets a call to help her old nemesis out of a complicated situation. Meanwhile, Nathaniel, Josh and Greg attempt to deal with their competing feelings for Rebecca.
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I cried with happiness at the reprise song between Audra & Rebecca!

I'm glad Valencia finally realized SHE can propose!

I laughed aloud with delight at the way everyone in the room - even the mobster - was immediately repulsed by Jesse's anti-Semitism! And at the "Math Of Love Quadrangles" reprise! And the "Dare to Defy" reference to the CW branding!

And when the "Slow Motion" song started, I wondered: how are they going to make fun of slow motion for a whole song? But it worked!

I enjoyed pausing when the five women were in matching suits, and noticing how even the different hem lengths on Valencia's, Paula's, and Heather's trousers reflect their different personalities and work lives.
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I enjoyed this a lot. You can really see the show trying to tie off ends, and I really liked how it did the Audra Levine story.
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Regarding the choice of boyfriend: Option D, None of the Above! please.

They're all good guys but if Rebecca really wanted to be with one, she would know who. Also, I really don't think the show would end with her getting a "happily-ever-after" with a man....maybe just me, but it doesn't seem in spirit with the show's stance on romantic addiction and mental health. That said, I am really looking forward to how the shows resolves the "which boyfriend?" issue.
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I am so annoyed with this show right now, even though I love all the characters. I'm Team White Josh 100% - how does Rebecca have 3 otherwise reasonable dudes "in love" with her over and over and over again? It's ridiculos.
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Yeah, the fact that they all seem to be in love with her is pretty ridiculous. My theory is that they really aren't, and are going to figure that out soon.
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None of the Above 4 lyfe.

Great episode, though.
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Nice to know I'm not the only one who paused to take a better look at the differences between the suits brainwave.

I also had to laugh them working the Dare to Defy branding into the show. That might be something I expect from a time-traveling corner of the Arrowverse, but I wasn't expecting it here.

A lot of the times I miss the callbacks to earlier songs, but this time they were really obvious. It really does feel like things are being wrapped up, detail by detail. I'm glad the team behind this has the opportunity to go out according to their plan and didn't just half to suffer from an unexpected cancellation.
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Oh, and Paula looked fabulous throughout this whole episode. I guess power and money do help a person feel good and look good.
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Loooooved the callback to Denise Martinez, that bitch she cannot stand.

I am looking forward to the Bachelor skewering awaiting us in future episodes. Along with the extended Fett Rigosso(sp?)/Tan France guest appearance coming up.
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I enjoyed the reprises in this one very much. A PRAISE battle, no less? Rebecca not loving the love quadrangles? White Josh, as usual, is the only sane man on the show. (Hector, what happened to you? I'm surprised you survived the episode without injury, apparently?)

Honestly, I just wanna be all HAVE THREE BOYFRIENDS AT ONCE, WHAT THE HECK, I wouldn't be able to decide either. But I think in the end she ends it single. I dunno if I root for that or not.

"how does Rebecca have 3 otherwise reasonable dudes "in love" with her over and over and over again?"
Forget it, ThePinkSuperhero, it's television. But yeah, in real life that shit never happens. The only folks I ever knew IRL who had any kind of love triangle were all poly and working it out. Two hot guys that like you at once a la Stephanie Plum, etc.? Yeah, right.
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I’m not annoyed at fantasy, I’m annoyed that it’s a stupid fantasy they’re replaying over and over instead of giving us good story. You can ridiculous and still be good- I’m watching a season premiere this week that will kick off with dealing with the fallout of a dead person coming back to life and I am PUMPED. This is just boring.
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(I can't wait for JtV either, PinkSuperhero)

Yeah. I really hope they resolve this love quadrangle in an original way. I'm still holding out hope because I feel like they've earned it, but I am dubious.
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I really hope they resolve this love quadrangle in an original way. I'm still holding out hope because I feel like they've earned it, but I am dubious.

The series finale's title is "I'm In Love". Of course, there's no indication from that title of who (or what) she's in love with...
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I apparently have a lot of feelings defending the ill-advised but totally believable love quadrangle.

1. Symmetry. Rebecca Bunch is their Josh Chan. She was a catalyst at a pivotal moment, enabling all three of them to take stock of their lives and become better people. She was the reason Greg hit rock bottom and decided to finally leave West Covina for business school. She consistently encouraged Josh when he was dragging his feet on being an adult (working for his dad, getting on the apps, moving out into a more equitable living arrangement). She forced Nathaniel to actually ask the question of whether he was a good person, rather than assume it based on his privilege.

2. Socialization. They're just as influenced by our toxic romantic tropes as women. They've been taught that You Fix Yourself, You Win the Girl. That learning isn't about Rebecca's value as a loving supportive partner, but validation that the work they've done is real - and if they earn her, maybe that means they're Fixed, rather than nebulously Better. The fact that they're all willing to participate in The Bachelor shows that it's only barely about Rebecca.

3. West Covina. It's insular. The kid who used to wait for his parents at your bar is now the food critic for your grand opening. My hometown is pretty close to a major city, and yet the folks who stayed are so intertwined. Folks from high school are married to each other, despite never talking during high school. It's familiar, it's easy, and let's face it, most people on Tinder are Czech scammers. So while there are other options - hoping it will work out with the hopeless romantic you know is available, getting legitimate treatment and seems to be into you? That would be a lot easier than actually putting yourself out there. Especially since most of your energy is going into getting your own house in order.

None of this means there should be any romantic partnerships. But I can imagine them all finding love elsewhere. Josh gets his Fett Rigosso gig, Greg has his restaurant and doesn't feel alienated by his hometown, Nathaniel seems to love working pro-bono. I'm still expecting Rebecca to morph into Rachel Bloom in some theater capacity.
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I think politikitty hit the nail on the head!
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Rachel Bloom from a recent clip on the AV club:
I want us to be remembered for the fact that we took love off its pedestal, and put it where it should properly be, which is on the ground with everything else. Because love is very human and it comes from human beings. [It's] not some ethereal thing to be worshipped, in good ways and bad ways.
Make of that what you will.
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