My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 451: Spider-Man’s Magic Potion
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Happy MaxFunDrive, everybody! We're kicking things off with a genuine POTION PARTY! Come and get strong and fast and powerful with us, and consider kicking in a donation while you're at it! This potion's for you! Suggested talking points: The Piper, Surprise Bonus Fish, Big Monster Wheel Power Boy, My Foul Lady, Guy-Pounded Chicken, The Best Potion, Orgling, DVD Dead Drops
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You know what? I can't help but imagine that Justin, Jimmy Buffet, and Guy Fieri could have a mighty fun time together as a group.

This opinion, of course, is based just on what I know about all of their public personae, but it feels right.
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I wasn't prepared for the concept of potty demonstration by BOTH parents. I guess it makes sense when you think about it but I was surprised. Is that the done thing now? Also I have never understood why guys stand up to pee at a toilet. I get why you'd do that in the woods or whatever. But it just seems way more logistically complicated and messy.
posted by bleep at 1:43 PM on March 19, 2019

Oh and the extended dunking on My Fair Lady, that went down REAL smooth. I have always been terminally annoyed by that movie, the show, the concept, the acting style, the misogyny, the cast, all of it. It always feels so good when the boys go in on some old dusty relic of the 60s that needs a dunking but never gets one. Like Steve Martin.
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>Is that the done thing now?

My kid certainly saw me pee a bunch at pottytraining age (and he once made an entire large and full grocery store womens' bathroom erupt into laughter for enthusiastically cheering me for my good tinkles.)

Justin trying so hard to get through the line about the pounded chicken without breaking or getting interrupted with a new joke was pretty great. I do really love the way he leans into audio poison like laughing at your own joke.
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Justin's laughter is just adorable and I am never tired of it.

I extremely felt that bit about community theaters only doing the oldest and dustiest of musicals. It's generally tied to having fairly old and dusty audiences. My hometown community theater is now stretching itself by taking on Mamma Mia, and I am proud of them.
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