Special Event: NCAA Basketball tournaments 2019
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It begins! Come in here to root on your fave college basketball team, even if you're wrongheaded in your life choices.
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Question of the first round, is Gardner Webb as good as UMBC was last year?
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Mr Mitten asks, just how dickinson is the team playing Gonzaga?

["so-so" hand gesture] Fairly. Fairly dickinson.
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Woooo, Minnesota over Louisville at the half!
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(can we NIT here too? :) )
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Then UNCG won Tuesday! But Furman lost last night (dammit, but the So Con is still having an AMAZING year). But TCU won last night, NCSU won, Clemson won (I don't claim Clemson but I'll woot for them until we run into them), and it's a good week so far.

If things go as they should, UNCG is going to be playing NCSU at home next weekend, which is going to be highly entertaining, since we beat them last time.

Big dance wise men's side, down with Zag, up with Wofford, and honestly, I'm way more interested in the women's tournament this year.
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Louisville making a comeback now, chipping away at what was once a 19 point Minnesota lead.
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I hate when games (Minnesota vs. Louisville) go down to the final minutes, and teams foul each other to stop the clock and force free throws.
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Then again, Minnesota won, in a mild upset. Whooo!
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I hate when games (Minnesota vs. Louisville) go down to the final minutes, and teams foul each other to stop the clock and force free throws.

It's widely despised!

I don't think it will get widely adopted, but the Elam ending attempts to fix this and would be really cool I think. TLDR: at first stoppage under 4:00 left to play, turn off the game clock; now, first team to [higher score at that moment + 7] points wins the game. So if it's 58-51 at that point, the first team to 65 wins.

There's a summer pro tournament (TBT) that's used it a couple years. I saw some of the games and it was pretty great and refreshing.

Criticisms include: 1) it eliminates buzzer beaters and 2) the game could end on a foul shot. It's true there's nothing quite as amazing as a buzzer beater, but in the games I saw when one team is in a "next basket wins" state it's pretty intense, and when both teams are in that state it's kinda crazy. And every game wins in a made shot. So there is still drama without a clock. As for ending with a made free throw, it can happen, but yaknow refs gonna ref. I don't think there is anything INHERENTLY WRONG to a game ending on a made free throw, but idk it may be a think like the possession arrow where some people just can't abide, despite it being fine.

(I thought about doing a FPP about the Elam ending, but I think MeFites would probably focus on the trivia that the creator, Nick Elam, is in Mensa, which articles about it rarely fail to mention.)
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Woooo I called the Minnesota upset!
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Let me be the first to say, my bracket is suffering, and Wofford hasn't even played yet. Sigh. :)
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My first year doing a bracket. So far not terrible, but such a commitment to pick so many games at once!
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This does say “tournaments”, but I just want to clarify before tomorrow—is this a women’s and men’s tourney thread?
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Wofford did it woo!
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As a Virginia alum, I think this thread needs a trigger warning.

I'm going to try to avoid watching the games today.
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Come on Hawkeyes!!!!! I like this second-half team much more than the first-half team!
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Okay, I didn’t think I needed to worry about the Hawkeye WOMEN at all! What is going ON, women?!?
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I know it's early early in the game yet, but ... go Garder-Webb! (Sorry, LionIndex).

And Wofford did that and then some. I have no idea what they're doing down there... So Con's been dominated by us and ETSU for a couple years now and then all of a sudden, Wofford was hurting everyone's feelings (including ours, three times. Ouch.) I hope they keep hurting feelings all the way up this bracket and putting some light on the great things going on in the So Con. :)
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I had a lovely drive through the desert east of my hometown, saw a bunch of flowers (and avoided the weekend crowds), and stopped at Dudley's bakery in the mountains on the way back for a sandwich, and picked up a loaf of sheepherder bread. Just got home and checked the score and we won by 15 and THERE WAS OBVIOUSLY NO REASON FOR CONCERN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW.
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Dudley's Bakery! We always used to stop there on the way to Girl Scout Camp, or 6th grade camp, or Borrego Springs, or Julian, or really any time we were within radius. Now I am hungry for sheepherder bread.

In basketball news I am sad that you need cable to see the women's games. Rooting for Cal, but the 8 vs 9 game is ripe for upsets and it's been like 6 years since Cal women did anything but underachieve at this level.
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... those Liberty guys look like “we’re not sure how that just happened.”
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Seems like there's been close to the normal amount of upsets, but a lot of the games the first couple days were closer than they should have been. Virginia blowing it is nothing new, but UNC, Duke and MSU all had a bit of trouble early. Duke really turned on the afterburners the 2nd half though.
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And then the games today have been almost all blowouts.
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Well, this is painful.
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TIL about the Elam ending (thanks fleacircus). It sounds promising and I hope some leagues will give it a chance.
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This weekend, argh. We watched our men lose at home by $ALot in the NIT, and while they still went further this year than they have before (first postseason win! Wes is incrementally building a great program) that one still stung. Wofford went out. Most of the underseeds went out in the men's big dance.


But my women's card is still looking good (go Wolfpack! And Louisville! And Notre Dame!) and TCU is still in the NIT, so we'll see. (So is NCSU's men, but I'm not rooting for them after how fussy they got about not going dancing. Sorry, dad.)
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I'm pumped that both Oregon's women's and men's teams made the Sweet 16! I was at the Oregon women's second round game vs Indiana yesterday, and it was the most into-it crowd I've ever seen at a basketball game in Eugene. Huge eruption when Sabrina got her 10th rebound to complete her triple-double; she got it off of her own missed shot and did it on purpose. She had a monster stat line of 29 points / 10 rebounds / 12 assists, tying Dwayne Wade for the most points in an NCAA tournament triple-double, and extending her own record for most triple-doubles in an NCAA career.
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One day I may be able to watch a UVA game again without having a cardiologist on speed dial, but tonight was not that night. Bassooner, Oregon’s defense was top notch and if you’d been playing anyone else I would have been rooting for you.
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I was a bit annoyed that Tennessee-Purdue went to overtime because it pushed the start of the UVA game back and meant that I could only watch the first half before needing to go to bed, but in the end it probably did my stress levels a favor.
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Thanks, thecaddy. Virginia's defense was lights-out too -- it's tough to win a game when you don't make a field goal in the final six minutes. Was glad they managed to keep it close. Now 100% of my rooting attention can go to the women!
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Kihei Clark! doo doo doo doo doo doo
Kihei Clark! doo doo doo doo doo doo
Kihei Clark! doo doo doo doo doo doo
Kihei Clark!
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Just stopped by to say BUH-BYE DUKE!
Seriously, though, that was an excellent game, up there with Purdue-Tennessee for best game I've seen this year. Both teams played great defense, ran disciplined offenses with clever, multi-touch plays and it came down to a couple of quirky bounces and heads-up plays. Just what you'd expect from the best coach in the game.
I'm talking about Tom Izzo, of course. ;)
(K's pretty good too tho it pains me to admit it.)
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It's nice to have a mostly non-blueblood final four, with only one team that's won it all before and two teams getting their first trips.
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A Dukeless tournament always feels better!
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Speaking as an MSU grad and a current resident of Minneapolis, this is going to be a fun week. I don't get many chances to take my son to Spartan events, this is our Spring Break, there's a bunch of stuff for him to see. Of course, an actual game? It would be fun to go, but I don't have a spare kidney to sell for a ticket...
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Saxophonist is an interesting choice to do the national anthem for the final game.
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Congrats Virginia fans! and belatedly to Baylor fans!
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Oh my god how am I going to sleep now?
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[whispered] The regular season has its delights ofc
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