Santa Clarita Diet: Season III
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The Hammonds try to cope with increasing exposure while fending off an ancient enemy, and Abby and Eric cope with the consequences of their own criminal actions.
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I watched this last night as a reward for finishing a chunk of work and it was enjoyable but still meh compared to the season before. I think the disappearance of Anne midway really threw off the arc it seemed to be climbing with Anne vs Pop - I'm not even going to try.
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I haven't finished yet, though I let Tumblr spoil me. Timothy Olyphant remains a sight for sore eyes.
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Well, I liked this season! Especially because I didn't realize season 3 was releasing this weekend, made for a nice Saturday morning of binge watching.
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So much good in this season, and some great additions to the cast this season. Was Nathan Fillion not available this season, or was it just time to shake things up a bit? Replacing him with Alan Tudyk was a fantastic touch. And Linda Lavin? She was great and it was just damn fun to see her... Goran, too.

I also felt they managed to skirt a problem that many shows like this have, which is ever-escalating intensity and less and less probable escapes. I mean, they're continually in peril - but they manage to keep it at a level that doesn't completely destroy suspension of disbelief. (Unlike, say, Dexter.)

They also moved the characters along nicely, and I still love the family dynamic. Also Drew Barrymore. My only complaint with this show is that 10 episodes once a year is way, way too few.
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If I'm not mistaken, Nathan Fillion is now starring in The Rookie hence the recast, and a similar thing with Natalie Morales, she's got the lead in the new Mike Schur show.
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I'm up to episode 6 and I'm really loving Alan Tudyk as Gary. Between this and Doom Patrol he's really hitting it home for me.
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This show is still just so excellent, I'm kicking myself for binging it all this weekend because I want more.

Also I really need to know what the end credits song in episode 9 is, but Shazam doesn't catch it and googling lyrics gets you nothing. So good!
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This season has the rare distinction of me liking it more as I think about it. When I finished*, I was kind of "Meh" on it, but it's really matured well as I considered it.

Except for its relative lack of Natalie Morales. That's bullshit, and I don't care that she got her own show and had to cut back on this one. Everything needs more Natalie Morales, up to and including her new show.

* -- As soon as Joelle evinced the slightest hesitation about being bit, it was obvious what the last scene would be, but I have to admit, they really head-faked me over whether he would get out of Dave Popsicle's basement alive.
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The mini Better Off Ted reunion of Phil and Lem was a great touch! Even if they didn't share a scene, Malcolm Barrett is the best choice for playing Jonathan Slavin's friend.
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Binged it all today. It is just so fun and funny.
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I actually danced a little when Lem and Phil were on my TV! I love them so. But yeah, there were some seriously laugh out loud, pause, laugh some more, rewind to catch what I missed moments in this season.

And Joel and Shelia continue to have a really thoughtful and good relationship. Even when shit gets even more weird.
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I just watched the whole season and I didn’t realize that wasn’t Nathan Fillion.
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Netflix cancels Santa Clarita Diet.
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Booooo. :(
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wow, canceled?!? tough break, I guess the last episode is an acceptable finale, but still disappointing, it looked to me like they were going to do something different with Joel's zombieness since he got his brain invaded by the spider thing. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, better to quit while it was still good.
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I am so mad I am actually canceling my netflix streaming account.
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I'm so bummed. This was a great show. The scuttlebutt (not confirmed by netflix, who are notoriously not forthcoming about these things) is that even though the show was very popular with viewers and also with critics, it wasn't going to continue gaining viewers with more seasons, so why bother. Add to that that the show featured some "names" who were paid more and you have a show that is more expensive to make. I mean. We are paying for these shows because we like these shows. Netflix is just.....not doing right by the subscribers here.
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Yeah, I'm pretty damn pissed about the cancellation - I think this show was giving some of the widely-known best current comedies (Brooklyn 99, The Good Place) a run for their money. Smart and clever, a ton of social commentary without pounding the viewer over the head, lots of hidden gem moments in the dialog and acting, funny without being mean or cruel or even particularly "cringe-y", while constantly modeling how not to be a horrible person. I thought this season was the best so far, Barrymore and Olyphant were just knocking it out of the park every episode, and the writing/producing team were demonstrating that they had enough ideas to keep the thing from getting stale or repetitive for a while.

Who's up for a Firefly-style campaign to at least get a movie-length "final episode"?
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I'm in.
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Netflix cancels Santa Clarita Diet.

We just finished this season! So good! What happens to Mr. Ballegs? What happens to Joel? I want to see Abby continue to kick ass! And the Cult of Shelia must continue to grow.

Booooooo, Netflix, booooo.
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I can't believe how often I have a reason to laugh silently to myself now, whenever I hear anyone say real-a-tor. Which is a lot! Hardly anyone around here says realtor.
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Someone did finally identify and upload the credits song from episode 9 - "The Right" by R00ms
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