RuPaul's Drag Race: Monster Ball
March 29, 2019 12:55 PM - Season 11, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The queens compete in a spooky pageant of monster inspired couture and showcase three Halloween inspired looks; supermodel Cara Delevingne and pop culture icon Elvira guest judge.
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The whole episode, while great, was worth it alone to hear Miss Vanjie try to pronounce apocalyptic.
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"Straight to DVD."

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I am fucking here for Miss Vanjie's voice-overs every fucking time!

"And I got a FASCINATOR for the SUBTLETEE!"

Even during the Zodiac runway, every other girl was like, "I'm owning this lion's mane and serving you fire," and Miss Vanjie was all, "I'M A LIBRA SO I GOT TO BALANCE THESE FUCKING BASKETS ON MY HEAD!"

I wish I could go through life with that level of self possession.

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apocaloptic opulence
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Even if Miss Vanjie goes home (and honestly if she doesn't start turning something other than a showgirl look...) I sort of hope they keep her to do voiceovers.

Every season.

(Like for real I would pay extra for a Miss Vanjie commentary track.)

This was a fun episode! I am in Full Yvie Stan mode, and love every second of her that I am given. That said, I am sort of pleased that she posted on Twitter that she's basically taking peoples' critiques of how she speaks to others onboard. This super-acid "I'm just being honest!" thing only goes so far even if you are talented and awesome and weird. (AND RIGHT.)

I would like to see what it's like to live in Scarlet Envy's head, just for a day. She's just batshit and sure of herself and jaw-droppingly mistakenly full of herself. I want to put her and Valentina in a room together and see who emerges alive. (Spoiler: Valentina will cut her when she's parading around in something pinned together and kind of bunched weirdly.)

I really like Shuga Cain, which is why I will be sad when she goes home next week which is clearly going to happen. I just really like her face. I hope she's happy and getting a lot of work and doing good, cohesive looks when she's not under RPDR-level pressure.

Aw, this was a really fun episode. Yay, good RPDR!
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So I was kind of ruined for this episode by suffering (and it is suffering, in the last half) through the first season of Dragula. off the hook monster drag. Baby eating is the norm and kind of blase by Dragula standards.

This was all so pretty. And pretty! And glitter! And elegant! And pretty!

No-one vomited on anyone! I was disappointed. It's not like Drag Race can't do it - I mean Sharon Needles basically won off the back of being a walking spook.

And boy Yvie disappointed the most. Like, I knew Ariel was going to look pretty much the same just in a different tone of pastel. That was a given. And Silky needs to Be Told about her goddamn underwear hanging out all the damn time, and making the surface layer of her dress do the work that a foundation garment should be doing - like, for real, that red PVC was under some stress that should have been dealt with by a base layer. I know she has a Spanx that fits, you see her in it earlier. Shitty foundation layering is her damn curse and why everything shifts around on her once she's in it. I know she's a big lady, but goddamn Eureka and Latrice are pretty big too and they look a hell of a lot more put together most of the time.

But yeah. I came away from this wanting more, basically. So close.

That said, moar Vangie. I'm going to be shouting "And I got a FASCINATOR for the SUBTLETEE!"
every time I put a hat on now.
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Yeah this episode made me consider watching Dragula to get what this should have given me. I thought a lot of the witch looks were awesome - Yvie's and Nina West's in particular - but the MILF drag was meh.

How did this episode get called Monster Ball, air on Lady Gaga's frigging birthday and somehow have WHITNEY HOUSTON as the lip sync song. That was a missed opportunity.

I cackled forever at "Let's Get Sickling" which I think is the "Ankh! Ankh!" joke of S11.

Cara Delevingne was a surprisingly good guest judge. My, is she beautiful.
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I am in the same boat as Jilder - I wanted more MONSTER in my Ball Challenge. They should have had the Boulet Brothers on to judge and have them rip these Queens apart for their pretty pretty drag.

I am particularly annoyed with Silky trying to say she was doing Evillene. Evillene's is one of my favorite villains and that look didn't even come close to representing her properly. Silky has an official strike on her Black Card for that.

On the plus side - is always fun to see Elvira and Vangie continues to make me laugh every time she talks. I want her to show more versatility in her looks though. I want her and Yvie in the Final 3.
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