Garo: Honoo no Kokuin: Black Knight
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Germán and León finally arrive in Santa Bard, Valiante's capital, where León was born and his mother perished at the stake. While gathering information, Germán befriends blacksmith Jordi whose son recently died while trying out to join the Knighthood of the Black. Meanwhile Ema rescues León at the market. Ema and Germán exchange information about the Knighthood of the Black and determine it is composed of Horrors. Mendoza is aware of the presence of a Makai Knight and a Makai Alchemist in the city. The Black Knight, who heads the Knighthood of the Black, offers to take care of the situation.
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Just for fun, here's a compilation reel of Garo TV series and movies highlights. Insane action sequences, crazy-looking baddies, and CG effects that don't quite blend in - the CG armor scenes in the anime that don't quite blend in are just following precedent! (I've stopped noticing this aspect of the CG armor in the anime now, though.)
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It's a bit sad how in each story the Makai Knights can't (technically) save the cursed townsfolk. I know it's realistic as sometimes in bad situations even the "heroes" can't generate miracles but I'd be happy if they ever make a exception.

León walking around the town w/Ema was entertaining as it's one of the rare moments he's not in his usual sulky mindset. He's surprisingly a earnest person despite everything so far.
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When somebody is consumed by a horror, their soul is consumed, so usually there's nothing left to save. Sometimes the entire person, body and soul, is consumed and there is nothing left, sometimes the Horror decides to possess a body after consuming its soul, so the physical body is there but the person isn't there any more.

I think with the blacksmith he was a person of such strong character to begin with that it took a while for the Horror to completely consume him. So maybe some folks can be saved if a Makai Alchemist gets to them quickly enough?

León walking around the town with Ema was a great scene, it showed León is surprisingly innocent and inexperienced about the world. Perhaps not surprisingly, as Germán probably had to bring him up in hiding and not interacting too much with other people. It's interesting if Ema is going to be a mother figure or his first friendship with a female person.
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I'm going to predict first female friend/sister figure as León clearly wants to find anyone else to talk to other than his father. I can relate as spending *that* much time w/one person is tiring for everyone involved. Somehow I just assumed Germán stayed in some small hidden village until his son could travel together to different places w/o too much trouble?

I guess, they could've stayed in some cave too but that's somewhat depressing as they were already on the run from the Kingdom. It's kinda odd Germán didn't really teach his son about interacting with people other than swordsmanship.

Although, not his fault completely as I understand anime fathers don't don't seem to be involved w/their children, but that explains why León has less than great social skills.
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Over on reddit they're predicting there's going to be a massive fight scene in ep. 7, as apparently in the TV series that's when the really dramatic fight scenes happen, aside from the last episodes. If it's a fight against the Black Knight Kiba it's not going to be easy.

I was assuming Germán and León had lived on the run, never staying in any one place for long. That plus the need to be cautious with whom they come into contact probably meant limited social interaction opportunities for León. Perhaps his current surliness comes from his not being entirely comfortable with all the human contact of late, now that they've been traveling through towns and cities.

I would have thought Germán would be very involved with León, as Germán had the responsibility to bring him up as a Makai Knight, in addition to keeping the kid alive.

(Another involved anime father this season was Emiya Kiritsugu in Fate/Stay Night, albeit in brief flashback, as he died while Shiro was still young. In Fate/Zero he was a very involved father to his daughter Illya. Anime fathers involved in their children's lives seem to die young, I hope this is not a death flag for Germán …)
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Haha, true, a lot of involved anime parents tend have short lives but at least their kids seem to remember them later on. I guess, a part is how normal families (probably) wouldn't allow their teenaged child to go off and fight Evil w/a ragtag group of friends.

ALthough, I don't think Germán will die soon as he's the only person can more or less control his son's outbursts as the Golden Knight that ( then León would be a orphan which would be sad). I sort of want them to have more a goal in the series like either try to stop the Horrors at the source or meet up with the other Makai Knights.
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