Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm In Love
April 5, 2019 7:28 PM - Season 4, Episode 17 - Subscribe

In the series finale, Rebecca makes a life-changing decision about her future. PLUS: Yes, It's Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special! Rachel Bloom and the cast of the series perform live versions of fan-favorite songs along with incredible staging, multimedia visuals and a live band and orchestra.
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Great ending! I feel good!
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I got teary at the end, and the live concert felt like such a gift.
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So I am watching through Korean Netflix and it is like 3 weeks behind and I am DYING!
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That was a perfect last line!
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This is hitting in the feels.

I knew it'd be an "I choose me" in the end even though I rooted for polyamory--as one of those articles points out, all three guys are viable and good choices by now. I like that it's left open for Greg at least, though I agree with him that I wouldn't wait around there either.

I really, really liked that after all this time Rebecca admitted to Paula that she'd been making up songs in her head for years and then figuring things out that way, and it turned into "What you REALLY want to do is write songs." That was fucking brilliant and I never expected it'd go there (I was expecting sabbatical of some kind once that word was brought up) and it worked perfectly. So that's affecting me. I don't make up theater numbers in my head like Rebecca does, but I get the urge to want to. I wonder what happens with all of those in the future. AJ trans? I've assumed so all along because I vaguely think I've seen Clark Moore in something else but with short hair and no glasses and haven't been able to peg what show it was, but I thought AJ was female until that last remark about "he" and the Harvard sweatshirt.
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That was good! Not very surprising, but they did a really good job and I liked it. I loved the lesson, "You can't be happy with any of these guys without knowing who you are first."

I don't want to say I called it, but I did predict Rebecca would wind up being a writer of musicals; kinda proud :). It clicked for me when she seemed to feel a real sense of purpose when re-writing the song she was going to perform, and just how passionate she was about musicals in general, yet not really having singing talent.

I had assumed AJ was gender non-conforming/trans. Another reason this show is awesome.
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As a long-time #TeamRebecca proponent I'm absolutely delighted with this ending, especially after the last episode seemed (to me) to point directly at a Greg pairing. Having her find herself through musical theater in particular really worked, far better than I expected based on the community-theater episode -- like jenfullmoon said, tying it explicitly to the songs in her head was genius. Although it was a bit jarring to have that after a season where more and more of the songs were completely outside Rebecca's POV, e.g. "Love's Not A Game."

(Also, I too had no idea what pronouns to use for AJ until that last line.)
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My favorite line of the episode was Paula saying to Rebecca, "This is going to be so much fun!" — exactly the same line that ended the premiere. It shows how much both characters have grown and how they're both in better & healthier places now.

I'll miss this show a lot. It's just so sui generis. I always admire shows that are trying something new & ambitious, even if they don't succeed. Bloom & Brosh McKenna had a lot of ambition with this show, and their grasp equalled their reach.
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I enjoyed it and I hated it. WTF did I watch this whole last season. I still love everyone. Especially Father Brah. And White Josh. Give that man a spin-off.
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I;m pretty sure this was the first time AJ was gendered (with the "him" reference) in this show. I got the feeling the writers made it a deliberate point to avoid anything that would allow the viewers to label the character.

I think the show wrapped up in pretty much the only way that was logical, given the direction the story had been going all season.

While the road has definitely been bumpy as the show underwent ups and downs, I'm happy I was along for the ride. There were so many strong and innovative and memorable moments. I have to applaud the entire team for taking a chance and making something unique in the medium.

It was also nice to accompany fellow MeFites on this journey. I find that with a lot of the shows I watch, I'm the only one in my social circle who does so, and it is wonderful to have an outlet like FanFare. It's lovely being able to share comments and complaints and criticisms and commendations with smart, insightful people.
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I have been pretty meh on this whole season (it's felt pretty flat to me, including most of the musical numbers) but I loved this ending.

I knew it'd be an "I choose me" in the end

Yeah, it was pretty clear that was going to be the only workable ending. I was wondering how they would pull it off in a non-cheesy way. I thought the structure did a great job, and I loved that they made the finale less about the guys, and more about what's next for Rebecca.

The live show was really fun too. I was lucky enough to see the live show in Seattle last year, and this was obviously more polished, but had the same goofy theater kids energy.
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"Never came around on you. Never will."

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I'm going to miss this show, and discussing it on here! Do any of you have recommendations for a show in a somewhat similar vein?
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Jane the Virgin! Currently on its fifth and final season.
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it just ended but You're the Worst is another great comedy that deals very well with mental health issues, especially in seasons 2 and 3.
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I will have more thoughts when I get to watch it (promised a friend we'd watch the finale together, this was a dumb promise) but I am going to miss seeing all these actors knock my socks off every week. Vella Lovell seems like she's gotten a fair bit of traction outside CXG but I need more deets on the further exploits of Pete Gardner, Donna Lynne Champlain, Gabriella Ruiz, David Hull, Victor Rodriguez III etc stat. And I really hope I don't break my computer playing Love's Not a Game on loop.
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If you'd like to see Pete Gardner and Scott Michael Foster work together, they starred in a short film called Wake The Riderless Horse that's free to view on YouTube. Avoid the video description if you can.
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And White Josh. Give that man a spin-off.

I want a WiJo series where he just traipses through all the genres and points out the obvious flaws.
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They've already established that his home was caught in the 2018 wildfires. Now he roams the land, judging people in song!

BTW, is anybody else going to be at the Radio City Music Hall show next month?
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Holy Z, I will be at the May 15th show at Radio City Music Hall :)
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From the discussion on the pilot episode:

I wonder if there's anything to the fact that it opens on Rebecca singing in a camp theater production. Maybe theater is really the love she's looking for? And then she tells Josh "It's like everyone in the audience was my mom" ... so maybe theater is more a vehicle for affirmation and acceptance.
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So, good call there bunderful.
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I'm also going to be at the May 15th show! Thinking about dressing up!
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Huh, I misread the comments and thought that y’all were talking about a concert on the 15th of this month and was sad I’d caught up with the show just days too late to get in on the fun. I think I may buy a ticket tonight!
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I got a ticket for the May 14th show since it's at 8pm rather than 9pm, because yikes that's a late start for a weeknight to this NJ commuter. (Though since I splurged on an orchestra-level ticket I'm tempted to buy the cheapest lousiest mezzanine seat available for the 15th in case I love the 14th show so much I need a repeat.)
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UPDATE: The show was amazing. They brought a huge percentage of the cast -- out of the regular-ish cast, I think only Michael Hyatt (Dr. Akopian), Rene Gube (Father Brah) and Esther Povitsky (Maya) didn't make it? Even Erick Lopez (Hector) was there, and he has a grand total of zero songs!

Top moments:
- Donna Lynn Champlin blew the roof off Radio City with Maybe This Dream and (especially) Face Your Fears. I mean, holy shit she's good.
- Rachel & co. repeated the "Sexy Gettin' Medley Song" arrangement from the concert special, including a giant bloody tampon prop during "Period Sex."
- The medley included two songs I really wasn't expecting. First there was a "George's Turn" interlude performed by Danny Jolles as himself - i.e. "Danny's Turn" - and then it concluded with Rachel going offstage to "brush my teeth" while Michael McMillian (Tim) sang "The Buzzing From the Bathroom."
- Another welcome surprise in the set list: The encore opened with "Don't Be a Lawyer."
- Skylar Astin performed only one song on May 14, "I Hate Everything But You" -- no attempts to replace Santino Fontana (who was performing "Tootsie" about a quarter mile away at the time) in "Settle for Me" or similar. He wasn't at the May 15 show at all because he had to film a movie.
- Instead, they got a "special guest" for the second night, who was HOLY CRAP LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA! He joined Gabrielle Ruiz for "Women Gotta Stick Together."
- May 14 featured two on-stage marriage proposals (both accepted!). The cast celebrated each one with the chorus of "What A Rush To Be A Bride," which I thought was pretty great.
- Also a sweet touch: Mark Pedowitz, the president of the CW network, was in the audience (at least on Tuesday) and Rachel had him stand for a round of applause in thanks for renewing the lowest-rated primetime show on network television three times.
- The closing number was Heavy Boobs...which Rachel performed topless (save for pasties). That was a new and unexpected experience.
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It really was terrific. Other memorable bits:
-For "Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too", David Hull and Scott Michael Foster took their long-sleeve shirts off with great difficulty. You know how it is, when you flap your arm around trying to get your arm out of a sleeve? Since they were holding mikes, they both were doing that move, then helping each other to pull the shirts, to reveal their white t-shirts with drawn-on abs. And then Vincent Rodriguez came out in his fireman-stripper pants and no shirt, and they did some schtick of Hull & Foster saying 'didn't you get the email? we decided no stripping', and Vinnie was all apologetic, and then they got to the de-pantsing part of the song and Vinnie ripped off the breakaway pants (and, my god that man's physique is insane), and Hull & Foster were all 'what did we just say?!', and Vinnie apologetically scuttled offstage.

-For "The Moment Is Me", to encourage Vella Lovell, they pretended that the Rockettes were going to join the number, but then the cast all came out in bargain-basement glittery costumes, as Rachel Bloom was all 'we don't have the money to hire the Rockettes'. Vincent Rodriguez in a mini-skirt and character shoes was adorable.
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OH FUCK. I always really liked his work :(
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Oh NO. I am so sad to hear that. The music he worked on for CXG was such an integral part of what I loved and what so many of us loved in that show. I mourn our loss.
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Just finished the Adam Schlesinger Memorial Quarantine Binge. My heart is bursting with the sheer excellence of the big finish and the well-earned happy endings. (Except for White Josh losing all his possessions, tho he does seem to be taking it in stride. Love that dude.)

Before the spell wears off, let's pretend life makes a little narrative sense for just a moment, shall we?
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One final thought about storytelling. Some say storytelling is fundamental to our very survival, both individually and culturally. Stories pass on knowledge: How to act, how to be.

Beyond all the broad humor and drama and musical genius of CXG, it seems that Aline and Rachel's primary motivation for their four season arc was their deep respect for this fundamental role of storytelling. There's Rebecca's journey towards mental health, which encompasses huge themes ranging from drawing boundaries with your parents to destigmatizing antidepressants, to the need to be honest with yourself and others. But then there's the little things, too, like AJ and nonbinary representation which is all the more profound for just being there and not being fussed about.

Not only do you see growth in every character (except for White Josh, who begins and ends as a perfect, bemused Stoic), you see all the work they did to earn that growth. Whatever of yourself you see in Heather, Josh, Paula, Greg, etc., you can also see how to apply their lessons to your own life.

Thank you, Adam, for your remarkable body of work and for introducing me to this show.
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