Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Have A Date Tonight
March 30, 2019 1:03 AM - Season 4, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Rebecca spends time with Nathaniel, Josh, and Greg in an attempt to get clarity on her feelings.

Allison Shoemaker at the AV Club: If the penultimate Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were a bell, it’d go ding dong ding dong ding

The CW Released a documentary detailing the filming of the show's series finale, "Oh My God I Think It's Over" (supposedly contains SPOILERS for the finale, but I haven't watched it yet).
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this was about as perfect as an episode of television gets. i've been #teamjosh in the final stretch (despite being #teamgreg in the first two seasons), but that final scene really sold me on the two of them as a couple.

there are so many things to highlight about this episode (weird al! reprising where's the bathroom!), but i really just want to mention david hull's performance during "Love's Not A Game," which was absolutely perfect. its a shame it took the show so long to give him a song but he really sold the shit out of it.
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David Hull for Sky Masterson 2020!
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I loved this episode very much. I had no idea Weird Al was going to be in the show, so at first I thought "this guy looks vaguely familiar" and then out came the accordion. The reprise was great. And I'm a fan of Guys & Dolls so the other songs were fun.

I think I will need to rewatch this to notice the detail I missed on first go round, but this was a great episode.
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I feel like it's significant that one her date with Josh, they viewed the stars and on her date with Nathaniel, they had a view of the city. Her date with Greg brought her "down to earth". The experience of dating each guy brought out something different in her. I still think (and hope) that she won't "pick" a boyfriend but the end of the show will tie together how each of these men meant something in her development, but now she will be moving on from thinking that romantic fantasy love will solve all of her problems.
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It was a good episode.
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If she ends up with Fake Greg we march.
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I want the polyamory ending. I love 'em all, dammit. Probably gonna get the "I choose me" ending, but they're all good dudes.

Also seconding the Sky Masterson and Guys and Dolls gambling number was excellent.
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Honestly, after this episode (and Rachel Bloom's comments), I'm pretty confident that if she ends up with any of the three, it'll be Greg. Even back in "I'm Finding My Bliss", Josh & Nathaniel were still consciously doing things to be near Rebecca — exactly the kind of behavior that Rebecca's arc has been all about moving past. Greg's actions, meanwhile, were all about the kind of personal growth that parallels Rebecca's.

I want the polyamory ending. I love 'em all, dammit.

Given that conversation Rebecca had with the polyamorous triad way back in "All Signs Point to Josh... Or Is It Josh's Friend?", I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.
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I went ahead & watched the making-of-the-finale documentary. There's minimal discussion of the finale's plot, but it does go into a fair amount of detail about the final song and how it was conceived and produced. There's also some behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting of the final scene. I enjoyed seeing the actors, writers, and crew interacting; but it's not something that You Must Watch before the finale itself.
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I have been sitting on this episode for a while.

It's been an interesting contrast to You're The Worst, which is also nearing it's series finale and is heavy on the intersection of romance and mental health.

And I don't really want Rebecca to end up with any of our leading men.

But I also don't want to end on an unintentional note of "And this is why you should never commit to the 'crazy' women" or "You must this healthy to deserve love"

I want more non-love stories. And I love that so much of Crazy Ex Girlfriend has been about projecting on love stories, and realizing that obsession is really about something else you're not getting.
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I want the polyamory ending. I love 'em all, dammit.

I do too, but I know the show is deliberately manipulating its viewers to make us love all of Rebecca’s suitors. The amount of “Team Josh!” “Team Greg” etc. chatter in various comments sections kind of surprises me, since the show is also very clear that a romantic end game is Not The Point. (And then they go around and reflect the fan chatter in an entire plot line and elaborate musical number!)
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