Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Sophia
November 10, 2014 7:07 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The night before delivering crucial testimony in a diamond heist trial, Peralta accidentally sleeps with the defense attorney (guest star Eva Longoria). Diaz pushes Santiago into running for onion union rep against Scully. Ex-"poke-buddies" Boyle and Gina go to war over a non-refundable reserved hotel suite, with unexpected results.

B99's Stephanie Beatriz has a semi-regular blog at Latina magazine, "On My Radar", in which she discusses her work on the show, and such subjects as diversity in TV roles, the importance of having "feminist dude friends", and outing herself as a glasses-wearer.
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Andre Braugher is pure joy and if you disagree, I am turning my chair around on you forever.
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Lots of cameos. Loved seeing Milton and Sandra Bernhardt.
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Stephen Root is always perfect casting. Always.
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Is this a pow-wow??
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Or alternatively: Metafilter: This isn't a pow-wow, it's a haranguing!
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My wife pointed out that Yaphet Kotto use to do the chair spin thing on Homicide.
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Re: Homicide - I'd really love to see Richard Belzer do a guest appearance. In some way shape or form. I'm not picky really, I trust them to do it hilariously.
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Someone tweeted the other day about how they would pay to see an Andre Braugher-Bill Murray staredown. Internet gods, please make it so.
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