Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Lockdown
November 16, 2014 7:47 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

It's Thanksgiving! Holt leaves Peralta in charge of the precinct for the evening, just in time for a package of unknown white powder to appear, triggering an all-night security lockdown. Meanwhile, Jeffords endures the emasculating derision of his extremely big/tall brother-in-law (ex-NFL player Jamal Duff), only to find an unexpected solution.

BONUS STUFF: Vulture interviews Chelsea Peretti about her new Netflix special, One Of The Greats.
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"Crumb me."

My husband and I turned to each other during the credits and he went "I miss Last Resort" just when I said "I'm glad Last Resort ended for Brooklyn Nine-Nine." You need that dignity to make bouncing on a ball over to the printer so perfectly funny. And that great line about Scully on the balcony - "We dodged a bullet." He makes the other actors in any scene with him even funnier.
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Just thinking about Captain Holt bouncing on the ball makes me smile.
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I'm surprised by how funny Captain Holt is, and I think Andre Braugher gives so much shading to Holt's deadpan. I think the writers are doing a better job this year with Holt too. He's not the Ron Swanson of the precinct, but there's a kinship with those characters.
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Andre Braugher is magnificent. I must say that the Terry story left a bad taste in my mouth though, and I wouldn't have thought Holt would go along with such a bullshit scheme. Berating Terry in his own home in front of his family so that his brother-in-law will think more of him? Really?
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This episode didn't have me doubled over laughing like the last two, mainly because of the Terry plotline and the kinda-preachy conclusion to Jake's run as acting captain. I do like that they're giving Andre Braugher more than just completely deadpan humor to work with, though. The whole arc with Dep. Capt. Wuntch has been delightful IMO, and I missed seeing more of that here, especially given how she would have reacted to the panic at the precinct.
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