Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bimbo
April 20, 2019 8:28 PM - Season 6, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Holt and Peralta investigate at Kevin's university. Meanwhile, Jeffords and Santiago battle over who can provide the best lunch experience.

Cold open: Holt punishes Peralta for his constant tardiness to briefings with customized high-fives for everyone
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Loved the cold open, and Kevin's kerfuffle!
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The cold open was indeed delightful.

Random question: Why does Officer Heather's nameplate say "Heather" when everyone else's has their last name? Do they call her by her last name? That's not uncommon with cops, but it is uncommon on this show, especially when Amy called the male officer Gary like nine different times.
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That was definitely one of the better cold opens in a while.

When Holt asked Kevin which section he wanted for the symphony, I immediately commented to my partner that Holt should probably just know that already. And then it turned out that Holt did know Kevin's seat preferences and only asked because he suspected Kevin was up to something. Excellent.

Why does Officer Heather's nameplate say "Heather" when everyone else's has their last name?

Obviously, her name is Heather Heather.
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In the end we decided that must be the case. Heather Heather reporting for duty!
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This episode was so sweet and cute.
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This was a fairly callback-heavy episode. I wonder if they tried to figure out a way to get a dejected Holt to put on one of his t-shirts from the season opener. "Obviously this wine-related novelty t-shirt is the proper accoutrement for a bimbo like me."
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Did I catch Amy saying "Coolcoolcool," like Jake does when he's getting stressed?
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So many great moments!

- the handshakes in the open, and Holt's serious expression the whole time
- Amy's "stop gushing, girl"
- the Harry Potter acapella group
- Andre Braugher's twitter feed! [Link to his tweet which says "I enjoy the layers of Holt's character. Captain of the 99, family man, and a hot piece of ass. #Brooklyn99"]

The rock hard brain thing just annoyed me. It was more successful when Jake tried to get him to call someone a dirtbag and Holt refused because a dirtbag is useful. Another symptom of the show thinking Jake is the star for no real reason.

Also, the police work on that case was pathetic. They suspect the dean so they just... walk right behind him to see where he goes? I admit I assumed the dean did it, so I was fooled.
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The idea of Holt being a bimbo just cracks me up. "They can't possible think that!" "They do."

Also loved Holt hovering his finger over the tickets for seats in "timpani alley" until Kevin relented.

Captain Raymond Holt and Kevin are such a spectacular couple.

Jake's best line was when he said that Amy's family thought he was too stupid to learn Spanish, but he had been learning it on the sly, so now he can understand all the hurtful things they say about him.

The lunch thing was kind of eh for me, aside from Gary being so upset about being shot with the paintball gun and Amy having no time for it.
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The line about how the crossword puzzle played a little song like you were going potty? Bwah to that.

I really wasn't at all interested in the lunch wars but DEEPLY enjoyed (a) the custom high fives as torture (perfect, perfect), (b) Holt as "bimbo" and (c) Jake backing him up to the hilt and (d) the lustful eye contact and handshake between Holt and Kevin, and (e) all hot piece of ass comments and rock hard brain.

Poor Holt, getting a case of the stupids around these people.

I think people would love that lunchroom and its isolation chamber aspects.
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Yeah that was definitely the most loving and sensual handshake I've ever seen, outstanding.
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I think people would love that lunchroom and its isolation chamber aspects.

I would spend my entire workday in that lunchroom, and I'd probably be more productive.
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Holt: My goodness, you're right! There *are* benefits to being underestimated... you can get away with anything!

Peralta: Sir... Are you going to kill the dean?
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Metafilter: That was funtastic fun for everyone
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My favorite moment hands down was Hitchcock & Scully holding hands with glee and anticipation after being named the lunch feud judges. They're not my favorite usually but they had some great moments. Also the snazz/sn**** mixup! And when Scully got hit with the Coney Island hot dog! So good.
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Hitchcock and Scully as the judges? A lesser show would have solved that by assigning one to each group and having them compare notes or something. In the slight magical realism of B99, they are able to bilocate when there is free food involved.
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