Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Therapist
March 22, 2019 12:11 PM - Season 6, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Charles gets Jake involved in a case where a therapist reports one of his patients missing; Holt wants to meet Rosa's new girlfriend; Amy thinks she mistakenly received a package for Terry.


AV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally analyzes Jake Peralta’s need for therapy

The therapist stuff felt more like filler than the actual main plot, but it was pretty funny for dealing with Jake's need for therapy. Also I thought Boyle usually trusts Jake's instincts more than this. The terrible accents for the fake therapy session was hilarious though.

Holt's phone call to Kevin was such subtle humor it was so great.

I was mostly excited about seeing Cameron Esposito! And her on screen kiss with Rosa!
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I haven't seen it yet because I watch it on Hulu but I really thought about calling in sick this morning to stay home and watch because I <3 Cameron Esposito!!!!!!!!!

I will report back when I have a more substantial reaction!!!!!!!!!!
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A two-guest-star episode! Though David Paymer mostly played straight-man to Jake and Charles, and Cameron Esposito (for a hot second I thought she was Tig Notaro and then got my brain right, but in my defense I've had a long-ass week) only really got to be a pleasant surprise, though hopefully a recurring one.

(Anyone else remember the weird bit of having Ryan Philippe come on for one scene as Gina's babydaddy only to never be seen or heard form again?)
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Cameron Esposito! Yes! Enjoyed the episode and glad Jake quoted NPR and people with mental illnesses being far more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators as the bagging on therapy was getting hard to hear.
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I was trying to remember who the father of Gina's baby was! (Plus didn't they get married?) I was hoping he'd come back before she left the show.

I thought Captain Holt got his groove back in this episode. Holt perfection. "Kevin already started soaking the rice."

I hope Jocelyn comes back a few times and then Rosa and Jocelyn fight because Jocelyn also fixes up old cars and sells them to celebrities and she's on Rosa's turf.

Also: Rosa asking if Jeffords was drunk because he knocked 5 times. Holt: "I can only assume so."
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Braugher, as always - simply amazing.
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I loved the entire Rosa plotline and Cameron Esposito. And I . . . loved the Rosa plotline and Holt and Cameron Esposito?

I just get more sick of Jake every episode, we need a break from him getting all the a-stories. And the Amy/Terry thing didn't land great for me.
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I would be more than OK if there was a spin-off series with Cameron Esposito and Stephanie Beatriz as a couple. More than OK. Quite excited, actually.

I don't exactly miss Gina, but I do feel like there's a bit of a hole where she was in the crew.

A year ago, I had never watched the show, but binged it when I hit a dry spell on other shows. Now I'm impatient for new episodes to drop.
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Regarding David Paymer, how many people can say they've guest starred on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Barney Miller?
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I don't exactly miss Gina, but I do feel like there's a bit of a hole where she was in the crew.

Every single B-plot since her departure has felt just a little bit off, yeah.
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Bold of her to mess with her girlfriend's boss like that. I can see why Rosa likes her.
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"But Kevin has already purchased four portions of rice!"

I was trying to picture how this would work, since I normally buy rice in bags, but I bet Kevin totally went to the bulk foods aisle and measured out 4 servings. That is exactly what Kevin would do.
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The only reasonable alternative would be having an entire barrel of rice in the pantry.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get so risqué there.
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Fun detail I just noticed: when Amy first brings the package to Terry's desk, we see that it's not from Amazon, but rather from "Ganges."
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