Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Muller Report & Chiitan
April 22, 2019 12:01 AM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

There are two topics covered at roughly equal length this week. The first is the long-awaited release of the Mueller Report, the contents of which reveal things that are entirely insane. On YouTube (15m). The other, almost as insane, is the story of Chiitan (TWITTER), an unofficial mascot for the Japanese city of Susaki. The behavior of Chiitan, a cartoon otter with a turtle on its head, was random, bizarre and violent, and so was asked to stop, by the city Susaki, associating with its official mascot, Shinjo-Kun (INSTAGRAM). But where some ways part, others join, so LWT sent one of their own mascots, Chii-john, a cute otter version of John Oliver, to Susaki to be Shinjo-Kun's new friend.
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I was seriously laughing until tears came to my eyes about Chiitan. Partially because Chiitan bears an striking resemblance to Maromi, so the wanton destruction just seemed hilarious on a late Sunday night.
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This was a great episode. Even though I spend literally all my time on twitter absorbing the Mueller stuff, John provides a bird's eye view of stuff that's hard to put together otherwise.

My only quibble is that Chii-John could have been wearing an octopus on his head as a hat but that's ok. That segment made me think of a mental theme I've had lately where I try to remember that no matter what happens and no matter what I'm looking at, it's something that a person decided to do and then did. Before I probably would have watched that segment and not really thought of it and maybe just accepted that it was an overgrown otter creature who doesn't know how to act right. Sure, I grew up watching Sesame Street, my little automatic child brain has learned to "Yes and" and accept most new concepts uncritically. But when I actually consciously remember that there's a person in there it becomes really wild. Who are they? What else do they do with their time? Do they have a day job? Is this their first time doing something like this? I don't want to find out via a report or an article, I just want someone to tell me, person to person.
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And Chiitan has responded in their usual manner.
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Solid episode!
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bleep - I think Chii-John should have been wearing a koala on their head!
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I was thinking an octopus bc the ramen looks like blonde hair!
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Chiitan continues with the poorly photoshopped beef.

This is surreally amusing.
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