Legends of Tomorrow: The Eggplant, The Witch, & The Wardrobe
April 22, 2019 8:01 PM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

With darkness on the rise in 2019, the team realizes that a new host of problems have arisen as they have been cleaning up history. Sara tries to save Ava from a fate worse than death while battling her own demons. Nora and Constantine work together to take down a powerful demon. Meanwhile, Zari gets unsolicited advice from Mona, Charlie, and Rory.
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That was, again, completely gonzo. I don't have a ton of specific commentary on it, but in the case of Legends that's a compliment: I don't really feel inclined to pick at it because it's too much fun.
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There are just too many characters on the team these days. It's not that I don't like almost all of them, it's just sad to see so many get shortchanged when it comes to plot and screen time. If this keeps ups, I can see us losing some of our favourite regulars thanks to actors getting frustrated and quitting and I don't want that to happen.

Ray, Ray, Ray, you big, dumb idiot. What did you think you were going to do charging into a magical firefight, especially when Constantine (whom you've basically come to trust) tells you to stop.

Nate is going to turn dad's theme park into a refuge for the captured magical creatures that don't need to be sent back to hell, thereby helping to mend one of the disputes between Ava and Sara, right?

When Ray or Nate (can't remember who had the line of dialogue) made the comment about being the Atom and Steel, I thought maybe we'd be getting a mini suited-up powered-up team-up. Sadly, we didn't, but I guess we got to see about as much of Steel as we're going to get until (perhaps) the big finale fight.

It's nice to see Ava and Sara working out a lot of their issues. It's just a shame they had to go to Faux-Ikea purgatory to do so.

Again, this was a really dense episode. I swear this show packs in twice as much as the standard 44-minute TV-hour.
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I really enjoyed the Ikea-purgatory as a relationship therapy. I want my own!

Sometimes the show is bonkers but its core is still a predictable superhero show. I knew Neron was going to end up in Ray the moment he charged in. We'll probably get a sacrifice from Nora to save Ray somehow. It's gonna suck but I'm prepared for it.

I think the season will end with Mona running the magical zoo and that'll be great.
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Dear lord, is Mona an ascended fangirl. The emojis-vs-Mick's-writing debate....

I think it's weird that we went from Sara and Ava breaking up over magical creature issues to fighting over living together in IKEA. Not that those issues wouldn't come up, but it was kind of a "hm, what were we fighting about again?"

For those of you complaining over a lack of steel special effects, here you go!
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The plotline that I have the least idea where it's going is "Nate deciding to keep his Dad's magical-creature theme-park built with embezzled government money". I'm really enjoying it but I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Loved that the construction foreman just kept referring to Nate as "& Son" even after they'd met.

I got a kick out of Ikea-purgatory but I did find it a little weird and mildly offputting that apparently all of Ava's anxieties revolve around her relationship with Sara. I thought for sure when Sara busted through to the layer with the various Ava-Barbies in boxes we'd finally get some of Ava's lingering anxieties about being a clone from the future and not a "real person" but nope, it was still just relationship-metaphor stuff. Ava's too good a character to get reduced to just "the girlfriend" even in this elaborate a fashion.
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