Blue My Mind (2017)
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15-year-old Mia's body is changing in unusual ways.

Like most teenagers, Mia's body is changing, but not in the way she expects. Her toes are growing together and the skin on her legs is turing scaly. She also has to contend with a trio of popular girls and apathetic parents.
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I really enjoyed this film. The physical horror of what is happening to her is well done and then compounded by the more mundane horrors she copes with. That her parents just want to send her to therapy leaving her to try and deal with this alone. Just heartbreaking and beautiful.
posted by miss-lapin at 3:22 AM on April 24, 2019

Watched this movie last weekend. The scene where she takes the scissors to her conjoined toes was extremely discomfiting.

I was just as disturbed by the ending though. Now what for this poor girl? Search the vastness if the ocean for more merpeople to hang out with? Possibly spend the rest of her life alone? For a story in which the main character is trying to desperately to belong and establish relationships with others, she wound up in a pretty lonely situation.
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