Project Runway: Elegance is the New Black
April 26, 2019 12:41 PM - Season 17, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The designers are surprised with an invitation to a Brandon Maxwell photoshoot featuring none other than super model and Project Runway host, Karlie Kloss. Brandon has made a career on sophisticated, elegant creations and now the final 10 will have to impress him with their take on elegance! If the pressure wasn’t high enough – the designers are faced with a flash sale challenge. America will vote on their looks and the winning look will be sold on!
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I didn't realize this season was on so this is the first episode I've seen. It looks like even with the stylistic updates and new personalities they are still penalizing designers for the show runners inability to figure out what they want from them.
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Ok, now that that’s out of my system ...

Ok, no, it’s not. That dress was bad. She GLUED pasties to her poor model’s NIPPLES with FABRIC GLUE, and then used the most washed-out green color and bunched it all up and we were supposed to get peacock feathers from that?

So bad. So bad I am clearly still offended by it.
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Wow, this group of designers is dull, with the exception of Sebastian, whose work is gorgeous. I am so sick of seeing nothing but monochrome garments.

Renee said she was really going to embrace her choice of lemon and lime ... er, by making a black and white outfit with a pale lemon pashmina-type thing. I was also taken aback when I realised Garo's dress wasn't floor length, because that bodice was crying out for a dramatic floor-length skirt.

Bishme completely overthought the challenge and confused himself. In the past designers have been criticised for making the model's hips look wider, but that seems to have changed, based on how the judge's received Lela's garment. Venny's was boring and the handsewing on those shoulder straps looked like it had been done by Stevie Wonder using a knife and fork.

Jamal's winning look was nothing special, highlighting the mediocrity of this year's group.

Tessa's comments about her model were disgraceful and the baggy black clothes she made were awful. And I hate Hannah even more for deliberately using her immunity to make a garment she probably knew all along would get her into the bottom - because she clearly didn't give a shit. This meant that there wasn't a fair 1 in 3 chance of someone going home, it was 50-50. I was sorry to see Sonia leave, but she's been out of her comfort zone and I think Bishme has far more creativity.

But PLEASE can we have some drama! I miss the days of Alexander and Ken screaming at each other, fighting over the ironing board and slamming doors in each other's faces, or the Twingate Cheating Scandal. The nearest we've come this season to any conflict is Nadine complaining about someone leaving their cereal bowl in the sink.
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They would have tossed Hester if she didn't have immunity though, to be fair, she probably wouldn't have done that at all if she didn't have immunity. Tessa has only made one thing I've liked so far (last week's miller's daughter's outfit) and her attitude annoys me. I thought she should have been in the bottom for what she did to her poor model. Dressing a young woman in something her mother might wear? Because she's "curvy"? Sebastian gets overlooked. Why isn't he landing in the top three all the time?
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I called them choosing models in BMI order as buttons were being pulled

The judges talk a big game about flattering real women but I think they have normal rain-thin bias given that Garo was only safe.
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I don't understand why Sebastian didn't make top three instead of Venny's boring dress. Tessa's comments were fucking awful (OH NO YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT THE BREASTS AND FIT THE CLOTHES!) and I don't understand why she wasn't in the bottom three with her baggy unflattering coat and boring dress instead of Sonia's boring dress.

Hester, if you're so obsessed with pasties, why don't you know how to make them or attach them; that was awful. Also, pick a model with some more boob?

This was a really dull episode.
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Enh, scratch that. I clearly wasn't paying attention re: how much the bottom half of Garo's dress looked like an afterthought.
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My distaste for Hester was fully vindicated by this episode, though. Note how quickly her previous faux "I'm abashed and too intimidated to follow my own style" flowered into ego and appalling taste.
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I agree about everything said about Hester. I called her Little Debbie Snack Cakes until last week - that's about how long it always takes for me to remember some names.

Remember that guy from a few seasons ago who was visibly disgusted at having to work with a bigger model? That was Tessa. Not going to really go into it but she pissed me the fuck off and I really don't think they should have included her shitty comments, just as they shouldn't have included the other guy. Ven was his name maybe? I was disgusted by Tessa's outfit and can't believe she was safe. The designers continue to do dirty to that poor model.

The guy (from Brazil?) who made the pink dress is so superior to everyone else this season that it isn't even funny.

The plaid dress that won was horrid. It was incredibly unflattering to a woman's midsection, and sorry....not elegant. Seeing the inside of the fabric down along the whole back leg section is not elegant. It's a joke that they basically just look for whichever garment will be the easiest/cheapest to reproduce for their flash sale challenges. We are so onto you guys.
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I'm glad they included the comment, because I thought Brandon Maxwell handled it really well--he seemed genuinely put off by it.

Sebastian really is way ahead of the pack.

Also we have not seen Swatch, but I just looked him up--he's still ruling the roost at Mood.
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This was the "Judges smoking crack" episode aka Producer Manipulation.

They so clearly wanted to give Jamall his feel-good moment when he actually did a very similar gown (plaid, draped) in Episode 3, that I liked a lot better and it didn't show the wrong side of the fabric. They gave him a pass on that yet criticized Lela's rough stitching. I would've liked her gown more if she'd gone ahead and made the organza sleeves. Tucking a piece of cloth into the neckline was lame. And Venny's dress, so unoriginal that it's a less interesting design than Tessa's Episode 1 winner. Great color but again, it's an apron bodice sheath with poorly tacked straps on the back.

I guess they are trying to hide the fact that Sebastian is the eventual winner by not making him top three every week. Garo Sparo, congratulations for reinventing Vivienne Westwood but she knows how to shape the skirt to complement the bodice. Re Tessa and her comments, I am surprised she was tactless enough to say that out loud but let's face it, the two larger models were the last chosen. For all the designers' talk about embracing all figures, nobody stepped up to request them. Yet last season there was that fantastic model, she walked like a queen. She had real presence and sold every garment she wore and IIRC was frequently in the top. These two women this year are just not very good models. The designer who was ragged for complaining about how one of them walked, she was right. As for Brandon Maxwell, I'm looking at his Spring 2019 RTW collection and nary a larger model in sight. This makes me wonder if the producers are trying to inject some drama in a mostly drama-free season at the expense of a couple thoughtless designers with two models caught in the crossfire.

Hester used her immunity to challenge the judges. I wish she'd gone even further and *not* used the pasties. Those tiny circles were not elegant. The sheer long sleeve top--a sheer bodice being so common on the runway that now it's even bridal fashion--and that vaguely late 19th c skirt would have been outrageous and would not have won but it's not playing it safe like Sonia's boring gown. Still a boring Sonia was better than Bishme's overwrought mess. There's no compensating for lack of taste.

At any rate, whenever it's announced that the winning design will be produced, you know that the best/more original looks will be too hard to mass produce at a cheap price point therefore something basic will win.
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Oops, I meant to comment a couple days ago and got distracted.

Anway, the fact that Sebastian wasn't in the top, let alone the winner of this episode made me feel like I was in opposite land. That petal pink was beautiful. It was perfectly constructed. It looked like an orchid. I would wear it in a heartbeat. Tom and Lorenzo said it would be too pricey to reproduce - but given how poorly done I've seen the other reproductions I'm not sure how a tailored long vest, wide leg pant, and some petal sleeves would really be that hard and I don't think any of them get reproduced well. Like, the winning look's reproduction is awful.

I am also glad in a way that they left Tessa's comments in so Brandon Maxwell could shut her the hell down. We need the judges and fashion leaders of this show to set the stage for what is appropriate in fashion.
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