Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
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THE SPIRIT OF 99 VIEWING CLUB - A documentary crew following a small town beauty contest discover that some people will do anything it takes to win.
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I have never not found that movie hilarious.
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Quite possibly the worst collection of faux-Minnesota accents ever put on film.
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I sat down and watched this last night. Yes, the Minnesota accents seem terrible (although admittedly my only exposure previously was in Fargo), and the humour is horribly, horribly inappropriate -- the vaguely pedophilic judge, the jokes at the expense of Harold's brother, the anorexic winner from the previous year.

Now I know that Judge #3 is actually the writer, she is stiff and expressionless throughout but I guess that's how she decided to play it (I can't imagine how it would be to write your life experiences and then observe them as a character in that reenactment; stiff and expressionless is probably the safest way).

For all of that, it's still hilarious for so many reasons.

* Gladys's obsessiveness and the way she claims neutrality but gives Rebecca a stellar intro while Amber gets a perfunctory "Here's Amber", dropping the microphone before she even finishes saying her name.
* Brittany Murphy's breathless snort-laughing character and how much she clearly adores her cross-dressing gay brother.
* The pork ad starring a previous winner wearing a blood-soaked apron in front of a slaughterhouse.
* Leslie's appearance in the background of every second scene making out with her boyfriend, and how tearfully happy she is to come second, no wait, third. And her destined-for-a-frat boyfriend.
* Loretta, just Loretta. And Iris too: "I hate her." "We all do."
* Harold's line, "You know the babysitter's dead."
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