What We Do in the Shadows: Baron's Night Out
May 3, 2019 1:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The Staten Island crew (+ a bro'ed up Baron) paint the town a few different colors.
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Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I found wasted vampires endearing.
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“Drug blood” 😂
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worth it
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two ruffs don't make a right
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and I am a wizard
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"I drank the drug blood."

The series still doesn't have the same feeling as the movie, but this was the first episode that felt as weird and fun. I'll miss The (Barren) Baron.
posted by filthy light thief at 8:29 AM on May 4, 2019

OK, so I finally fired up teh evils torrentz to check this series out and... it's a lot more fun than I could have hoped. It's probably silly to set up a false competition between the movie and the series.

Also, discovering that the theme tune is Norma Tanega is even more excellent.

I'm actually onto the next episode, but I started typing here so I'll finish. Anyway, it's lovely.
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