RuPaul's Drag Race: Dragracadabra
May 3, 2019 10:08 PM - Season 11, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Delta Work drops by for some balls to the wall fun, and then the queens get into groups and put on their very own magic shows. Gina Rodriguez and Katherine Langford sit in with the judges.
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Vangie lived that song.
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I really didn't *get* Nina--like, I just didn't think she was at all interesting to watch--until Snatch Game. That week she made me sit up and pay attention. And this week she just blew me away.
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It is *very much* worth watching this week’s Untucked.
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I usually watch Untucked right after the episode. I haven’t done it yet, 12 hours later, because man I anticipate a yelling apocalypse. Will watch now.

Nina is finally getting comfortable enough, I think, to do *her thing* on the main stage. You finally see her seasonedness. Spouse asked, “Could she win?!” If she makes it to the finale and gets a chance to refresh her wardrobe, it seems eminently likely.

BLH knows what it takes to look good and advance through RPDR, but in drag qua drag Nina is showing her stuff.
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Yeah I was shocked that Shuga was bottom 2. Runways matter! And that underscored that reveals need to be good (or at least worthwhile) to work.
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Given how Yvie has kind of tanked the back half of the season, I actually am kinda rooting for Nina to take the title. She really was giving gay Chris Farley during the magic performance and she is Such. A. Sweetheart. As much as I want to love Yvie and don't want to do too much comparing her to other queens, she doesn't have the versatility and improv skills Sharon Needles was able to bring in Season 4, and I think that's probably going to keep her from winning despite the energizing punk feel and insane physicality of her drag.

Also remember, this is Nina's SECOND win! She's tied for first place right now and hasn't ever lip synched. She had a slow start but she could deffo be a contender and other winners have had similar arcs (Jinkx was even more clearly an acting juggernaut, but her looks were crunchy, so she had an opportunity to do the "I listened and improved" thing).
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This was a better episode but I thought that both of the bottoms were fairly undeserved. There was also some weirdness going on with the comment about Ru wanting it to be PG-13 and then the camera focussing on her when one of the teams made off-colour jokes. Maybe they were just trying to force the storyline and made the reaction shots awkward.

I was totally yelling "no stop thatttttt!" at Shuga when she did her reveals. Her first caftan was pretty good! And then she did too much and probably got herself eliminated pretty much entirely because of that. Oy.

Sure, I like Nina. I wish Vangie would/could get it together and I'm kind of rooting for Brook Lynne to win because of the Canadian connection, but sure, Nina, fine.
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It's Nina's season to lose, I think. Her storyline is pointing there.
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I'm glad they're finally calling Silky out for her goddamn sloppy drag. It's so fucking lazy. I mean visible goddamn pads? Please.
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Silky is charming. I like Silky's performances. But how in the hell can they land Vanjie in the bottom again when Silky only performs Silky and you could see the iron-on decoration coming off of her caftan as she stood next to Vanjie aaaaaaarghhghghghgh. The bottom two should have been some two of Silky, Yvie or Shuga, and honestly, Silky and Yvie were on the worse team.

In more positive thoughts, I'm really, really happy that Nina won and got showered with praise. She deserves the recognition and the joy of it, and I hope she keeps going at least to the final four. I love her campy, old-school drag; I think we're around the same age and I also think drag was really transforming about the time we both were old enough to discover it. She feels like the older queens I knew, where there was performance and kind of an older glamour and style of dress. It's excellent to see that still around.
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I was right there with Ross for A'keria's runway look. IT'S A CAFTAN, NOT A CAFTAN'T!

Nina was outstanding this episode, and I think Shuga should not have been in the bottom- I even liked all her caftan reveals.

Da Black Magic had some good ideas, but were completely undone by sloppiness. You can't expect to improv your way through a magic show that requires precise timing and structure. That being said, I don't think that was necessarily Vanjie's fault, and I don't really get the criticism she's receiving. Why shouldn't she just be Vanjie? Vanjie is hilarious. The only thing these critiques have been doing is making her doubt her confidence.

I'm fucking done with Silky. Just done.
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Was this Ross' finest hour? His Caftanger was a delight.
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Was this Ross' finest hour? His Caftanger was a delight.

It's highly possible. i find Ross utterly delightful, always.
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I died at Ross' "I've never been more offended in my life".
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I'm fucking done with Silky. Just done.

Ru isn’t. She’s biased and somehow, in this instance, I’ve come to terms with it. Maybe she thinks it’s time for a big queen to win (Eureka made it further than I was strictly pleased with). Maybe she’s a sucker for an Oprah impression.

I don’t get it but I’m sure Silky is getting enough negative feedback on a Twitter to make my confusion and eyerolling less than a drop in the bucket.
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