Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Return of the King
May 5, 2019 9:07 AM - Season 6, Episode 15 - Subscribe

When Gina returns to the Nine-Nine, Jake and Terry get drawn into her life. Holt learns that Charles' son, Nikolaj, may be a genius. Rosa copes with an injury. (Summary from Hulu)
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Psi (the Greek letter adorning Nikolaj's superhero) has multiple uses in math, but perhaps in this context it references the supergolden ratio. The other examples on Wikipedia's disambiguation page are functions rather than discrete values, and the golden ratio shows up often enough in practical math that it's almost plausible it would apply to some criminology statistic.

The whodunit was probably the cleverest puzzle they've ever compressed in so short a length, since (once the attacker has escaped) all the clues are captured by the sentence "I left my husband who loved parkour more than he loved me".

Moments when I laughed included Boyle's "I love you" as a successful reprimand ("I'm sorry, daddy!") and Jake's wonder that an active football player could be a peer to Terry -- "You're 35 to 60 years old". And another from Boyle: "My cousin Susan didn't know she could sing until her forties."

When Amy gave Rosa the inspirational speech at the end of their subplot, I truly couldn't tell if she was laying on deception or sarcasm to teach Rosa a final lesson, or actually being sincere. Sincerity won out, and the "raagggghh!" with a bug-eyed enraged expression that continued even while they embraced was a joy to behold.
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I was distracted this whole episode about why they call him Nicolajjh instead of Nicolai, I thought when you see a J where you'd expect an I you just pronounce it like an I. Yes this has been bothering me for awhile lol. Nice to see a Nicolaj plot though anyway.
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And to be clear my issue isn't "They're doing it rong" (because I don't know that) it's more like "Why is it that?" I tend get hung up on stuff like that.
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I still wonder why they can't get Mary Lynn Rajskub back more often.
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And another from Boyle: "My cousin Susan didn't know she could sing until her forties."

Oh god, I missed that joke until I just read it here.
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The Susan Boyle joke was my favorite part of the episode, and I generally liked the episode.

2nd favorite part: Gina looking at the lady who wanted Gina to look at her.

Directed by Melissa Fumero!

Here is LaToya Ferguson's recap at AV Club.
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omg Susan Boyle!
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This was everything I love about Gina and the show as a whole in a single episode.
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I am not that into Gina and never have been, but this is exactly what I'd expect from her.
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The Holt characterization felt off. Sure he’s usually blunt but this just seemed crazy.
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@SusanBoyle Retweeted this text by the Actor who plays Boyle, which I thought was cute
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