Lucifer: All About Eve
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When a jewelry designer is murdered, Lucifer and Chloe strive to solve the case without each other's help. Also, Lucifer reconnects with an old flame.

AV Club recap - It took some time, but Lucifer is finally “All About Eve”: "A lot of really special moments have happened on Lucifer, ones that we’ll never forget. “All About Eve” features perhaps the most important moment of the entire series: the reveal of Linda’s home, as Linda does have a home outside of her office. A beautiful, spacious home. Sure, it’s treated by all the characters who enter it in this episode like it’s been there the whole time but make no mistake, it has not."

*Chloe and Dan meet Ella at an airplane-hangar crime scene, and Chloe tells them she's not partnering with Lucifer anymore. The murder victim, Pablo Silva, was strangled to death, and his partner, Tony Gold, says he was transporting a necklace worth millions, and had left him a voicemail saying he was being robbed, apparently by men speaking Arabic. (As the AV Club recap points out, what a pun - Gold and Silva Jewelers. oof). Pistachio shells at the crime scene point to suspect 'Turkish Pete'

*At Lux, a disheveled bathrobe & boxers Lucifer finds Eve on the dance floor. In the penthouse, she tells him she was bored in heaven and found a way out, ending up on Earth in a tomb somewhere, so decided to come to L.A. and look him up. When Lucifer puts her in a car-service to take her to a hotel, the driver demands she hand over the necklace, then shoots Lucifer and takes off. Eve tells Lucifer that she got a ride to L.A. in Pablo's private jet, but he had the necklace when she left him.

*Dr. Linda gets an ultrasound at her ob/gyn appointment, accompanied by Amenadiel and an extremely overprotective Maze. It's a boy. (no wings yet)

*Chloe and Dan question Bashir, criminal employer of Turkish Pete (and of the driver who shot Lucifer), and when he recognizes her as Lucifer's Detective, she calls in Lucifer's favor to get the truth. Bashir tells her that Pablo was supposed to be bringing him the necklace, which he was going to give to his wife, but when they got to the hangar he didn't have it, so they beat him up, but didn't kill him, and convenience-store footage should prove their alibi.

*Lucifer and Eve arrive as Chloe and Dan leave. Lucifer makes a new deal with Bashir, promising to find his necklace in return for he and his men leaving Eve alone.

*Amenadiel accompanies Linda home and muses about being a father to the first angel baby. Linda freaks out over how she's supposed to baby-proof a house for a flying baby.

*At the penthouse, Eve tells Lucifer about the other woman on the plane, Odessa, who must be the thief, and said she was going to Dalton's Place. At the precinct, Ella ID's Odessa from Pablo's video, and Chloe and Dan pull a list of the bars she frequents to search for her.

*At Dalton's, Lucifer and Eve find Odessa and demand the necklace, but a bar fight ensues (to Eve's delight), which ends with a Lucifer getting a pool cue through the shoulder when Chloe arrives. Dan and Chloe take Odessa away for questioning.

*In the interrogation room, Odessa admits to having stolen the necklace for a broker who is going to sell it at auction, and that he must be the killer.

*At the apartment, Maze confronts Chloe about her having plotted against Lucifer and keeping her apart from Trixie. When Chloe asks her to try to understand how hard it has been for her being the only human to know the truth about Lucifer and heaven and hell, Maze lets her know that Dr. Linda knows too (and handled it way better, in her opinion). Chloe heads directly to Linda's to talk (and finds out about the angel-baby news).

*Eve shows up at the precinct to give Chloe a statement about Pablo, a distraction while Lucifer finds out from Ella about the impending secret auction.

*At the auction Eve and Lucifer steal the necklace, but are spotted by Chloe, who says she needs them to let the auction go forward so she can use the necklace to flush out the killer. Lucifer complies, and Eve models the necklace while Lucifer (bidder 69) wins the bid. Turkish Pete is revealed to be the broker, as he thought it was a waste for Bashir to just give the necklace to his wife. But as he is still alibi'd, the final clues reveal that Pablo's partner Toby was the murderer. Backstage, he holds a gun on Eve and demands the necklace, but Chloe and Lucifer arrive and Eve gets to punch Toby in the balls before Chloe arrests him, and takes the necklace into evidence.

*Linda and Amenadiel finish angel-baby-proofing the house (bubble-wrapping the ceiling fan), when Maze arrives and announces she's moving in.

*At the station, Chloe tells Ella that she misses Lucifer, and has decided that she'd rather have him in her life than not.

*At Lux, Lucifer finds the necklace in Eve's purse. She confesses that she hid it to stay with Lucifer longer, that she didn't tell the whole truth about leaving heaven, and that she left because she wanted them to be together again like in the old days. He doesn't believe she'll want to stay once she's seen the real him, but she doesn't recoil from his devil face, and kisses it instead. Chloe arrives and witnesses their post-devil-face-kiss embrace.
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I thought Maze moved out of the Decker apartment back in season 3, so it was odd having them be apparent roommates just so Maze could move out again, but if it's giving us Auntie Maze as Linda's new roommate, that's wonderful.

And I like Eve so far - definitely seems like a more organic obstacle for Chloe/Lucifer than Cain was.
posted by oh yeah! at 9:25 PM on May 9, 2019 [1 favorite]

Pretty thrilled with the actress playing Eve. She stars in "Inposters" and gets to flex her acting skills in that. Looking forward to this character.
posted by tipsyBumblebee at 10:22 AM on May 10, 2019

I laughed at Lucifer's auction paddle.
posted by Mogur at 10:18 PM on May 11, 2019

Loved this shirt.
posted by rewil at 12:44 PM on May 12, 2019

Another staking.
posted by mneekadon at 9:32 AM on May 13, 2019

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