Lucifer: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father
May 9, 2019 7:06 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

An ex-gang member's murder may mask an even darker crime. Lucifer catches Chloe in a lie. Dan and Maze go rogue. Dr. Linda has a doctor's appointment of her own.

AV Club - As Lucifer proves, there’s nothing worse than betraying the Devil

*At the penthouse Kinley tells Lucifer he's a Vatican Investigator, pretends he doesn't believe Lucifer is the devil, and warns him that Chloe is a danger to him.

*At the station, Ella has a hangover, mentioning that she's skipped church again. An irate Dan finds that Lucifer has put up prank 'Chewbacca voice contest' flyers up in the station with Dan's number.

*At Lux, Amenadiel tells Lucifer about Linda's pregnancy, wondering if she's secretly celestial, since all of Lucifer's sleeping around hasn't created any babies, but Lucifer figures that Amenadiel went fully human when he lost his wings.

*At the crime scene, Susan, a former El Salvadorian Los X gang member turned rocket scientist was found stabbed in the back. Lucifer tests Chloe's honesty and she fails, when she denies having told anyone about his being the real devil. He barges into Dr. Linda's office for advice about her betrayal, and she tells him to go slow.

*At the station, the injustice of Susan's murder reminds Dan too much of Charlotte's demise. When he preempts Ella from comforting him with her faith, she says that she's not so much of a believer anymore, and removes her crucifix necklace.

*Maze goes to Dr. Linda's to talk about her pregnancy:
Maze: “Is it true that human spawn erupt from their mothers’ bodies in a ceremony of blood and pain?”
Linda: “What? No.”
Maze: “In Hell, torture via birth was a favorite. If half of what we did is accurate, your sex holes are never going back to normal.”

*While the first suspect, Susan's boss, is in custody, Ella reports that there's a second victim, another ex Los X member gone good.

*Amenadiel shows up at Dr. Linda's office armed with a slew of baby books, but she tells him she's going to be fine on her own.

*Lucifer sees Kinley again, and Kinley warns him again, telling him that Chloe was told of a ceremony that would banish the devil to Hell for eternity, that she has a vial with a sedative made for the devil that would doubtless kill a normal mortal man.

*Dan decides not to wait for a warrant, and takes Maze to the Los X gang headquarters for a fight to find the killer.

*Chloe takes Lucifer on a surprise visit to a soup kitchen, but he confronts her over Kinley's story, threatening to drink from the vial in her purse until she breaks.

*Dan calls Chloe with the lead that Rivas, the drug counselor, is the murderer. At his address, Lucifer bars Chloe's way and confronts him alone. Rivas claims that the two victims weren't actually reformed, that he did what needed to be done, but when Lucifer realizes that Rivas seems to want to be punished, he stops, and Chloe arrives in time to watch him shish-kebab himself on a broken chair. Lucifer realizes it was a setup, smashes the mirror to reveal a viewing room behind it, and they learn that the house is owned by the Catholic Church.

*Chloe goes to the church and arrests Kinley for arranging the murders, and Bishop Hoffman says he'll be a witness to the crime.

*Amenadiel proposes to Dr. Linda (loudly) in the ob/gyn waiting room. She turns him down, and says all she wants is for someone to hold her hand and tell her everything's going to be ok, which he does.

*Back at the penthouse, Lucifer confronts Chloe with his devil face, and she admits she doesn't know if she can accept it.

*Bishop Hoffman visits Kinley in his jail cell, to take his confession, and tell him that he has been excommunicated. Kinley is unrepentant, that the murders were necessary for the greater good of stopping the prophecy: "When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released." Hoffman points out that even if he were to believe Lucifer is the actual devil, how does he know that Chloe is his first love?

*And at Lux, a mystery woman arrives and orders an appletini.
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The contrast between the volume of Amenadiel's "Will you marry me?!" and Dr. Linda's barely audible "No" was comedy gold. I love awkward dorky Amenadiel.

Even though I did an S1-3 rewatch once Lucifer started streaming on Netflix, I'm blanking on the when/why of Ella being 'on the outs with the big guy'. Was it because of Charlotte's murder, or something in the Azrael episode?

I called Dan's cell phone number (it's in the AV Club recap), but it just has a generic 'this number is not set for voicemails' message, nothing fannish.

I didn't realize until the recap that the logistics of the two-way-mirror plotting doesn't make any sense, but, oh well, nobody ever accused this show of being brilliant with the procedural side of the plot.
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Portishead on the soundtrack? Ok, so what if Being Human, but Lucifer? Adults in therapy in LA are gonna make better choices than young underemployeds in Bristol, thank whomever.

My heart.
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Perp hiding behind mirror and escaping unseen, because vampires can't see their own reflections.
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Even though I did an S1-3 rewatch once Lucifer started streaming on Netflix, I'm blanking on the when/why of Ella being 'on the outs with the big guy'. Was it because of Charlotte's murder, or something in the Azrael episode?

I have the same question...
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