Lucifer: Devil Is as Devil Does
May 12, 2019 5:19 AM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Eve takes a more active role in her main man's professional life. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets back to basics and Amenadiel fights for his family.

AV Club - In “Devil Is As Devil Does," Lucifer finally embraces who he's meant to be: "In “Orgy Pants To Work,” just before Julian murders Rookie Joan, he takes a moment to monologue about being “a wolf,” while his father, Jacob Tiernan, is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” It’s after Lucifer asks him if Tiernan has any idea what his son’s been up to, so it’s not rhetorical—but it was still strange for him to give as self-righteous of an answer as he did. It makes sense when you watch this episode and realize it was actually set-up because as season four has proven, it’s a tightly-plotted season of Lucifer where everything pretty much happens for a reason.

So Jen Graham Imada’s script for “Devil Is As Devil Does” doesn’t truly pretend anyone other than Jere Burns’ Tiernan is the killer. And unsurprisingly, Burns makes an exceptional villain, despite is only being around for one episode."

*Amenadiel spends his time this episode trying to convince Remiel of humanity's worthiness. He admits that he's lost his time-stopping ability, and believes it's because he no longer wants to keep himself above and apart from mortals. Remiel is unswayed by his reasoning, but after he wins a bout of spear/staff fighting, she agrees to return to the Silver City alone and respect his decision about the angel-baby being raised on Earth by its family.

*Maze goes into stalker-mode of wanting to protect Dr. Linda every second, to the point where Linda asks if Maze is in love with her, and tells her that while she appreciates the sentiment, Maze needs to find her own connection, her own partner.

*Dan tries to get Lucifer held accountable for paralyzing Julian by ratting him out to Tiernan, not realizing that Tiernan was the one who killed the first guy he thought committed that crime. In the aftermath, after realizing his actions put Trixie in danger, he has a heart-to-heart with Ella that ends with them hooking up in her office.

*Trixie sees Lucifer's penthouse for the first time, and meets Eve (after sneaking out on Chloe after hearing that Lucifer could use a friend). She is the first character not insta-charmed by Eve, but she does warm up to her by the end, and Eve does shield Trixie from harm when Tiernan's henchmen show up to try to kill Lucifer.

*Chloe at first disagrees with Dan that Lucifer was responsible for Julian's beat-down, and is devastated when Lucifer admits the truth to her. But she refuses to give up on him, insisting that he's more angelic than demonic, and is gratified when Lucifer's final confrontation with Tiernan ends with Lucifer bringing him into police custody rather than extra-judicially punishing him like his son. Chloe also visits Kinley in jail, and is told the "When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released" prophecy.

*Lucifer spends the episode torn between being the punishing-devil Eve wants him to be, and the DevilCop Chloe expects him to be. He chooses to take the higher moral ground, but reveals in a panic to Dr. Linda that in spite of his choice to spare Tiernan, when he checks his wings for the first time since getting his devil-face back, they've gone demonic too.
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The Trixie+Eve meeting was fun, seeing her start with insta-dislike/jealousy, but even Trixie can't withstand Eve's likability. And, it never occurred to me that Trixie hadn't been on the penthouse set before, but, yeah, why/when would she have?
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I rewound Linda and Maze's kitchen scene and, yep, Maze is right there in that alcove looking scary as hell as Linda walks by her, oblivious.
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Ella's cup with her face on it!!! And a different face on the bottom!!
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