Lucifer: Save Lucifer
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Lucifer's so-called epiphany has Chloe worried, but it's his physical transformation that's really freaking her out, Also, Maze gives Eve a pep talk.

*While showing a house to prospective buyer, real estate agent, Beth Murphy, finds her sister Moira standing over the body of her murdered twin sister Megan.

*Lucifer arrives at the precinct and cheerfully tells Chloe that he's sure that all his problems will magically disappear now that he's had his epiphany about hating himself, but is dismayed when Ella notices a patch of his hand has gone devil-gnarly.

*Eve is weepily heartbroken over getting dumped by Lucifer, and Maze is ready punish him for her, but Eve just wants to get him back. Maze has some ideas.

*At the crime scene, Ella gets to check a "Stop! Hammer Time!" joke off her bucket list when explaining the cause of death. Maze and Eve arrive and do a sexy motorcycle-helmet-removal hair toss, but Lucifer is too distracted by his hand having gone full devil to give it much notice, as he rushes Chloe inside the house to show her the damage.

*Lucifer goes to Linda and demands she undo his epiphany, but she says he needs to move forwards rather than backwards, and figure out why he hates himself. Also, Linda is having Braxton-Hicks contractions.

*Back at the precinct, Lucifer asks Dan for reasons why he might hate himself. Dan gives him many, the biggest being that it's his fault Charlotte is dead, but Lucifer dismisses them all as excuses rather than reasons. Moira's phone records have revealed that her last call was to her accountant, so Chloe and Lucifer head to the office to question him.

*Maze are at the accountant's already, having bound and gagged him while Eve tries to pick her sexiest pose for Lucifer to arrive at. Maze suggests that Eve date someone to make Lucifer jealous, and Eve muses on picking Dan since Lucifer dislikes him so much, but Maze challenges her to pick someone better and Eve kisses her just as Lucifer and Chloe arrive. The accountant tells Chloe that when Moira called earlier she accused him of being Megan's killer. He says that Megan recently took over the sisters' business finances, and that a few days earlier she had come to the office looking upset and had dropped off a thumb drive, which is now missing. As Eve tries to sell Lucifer on her fake-relationship with Maze, Chloe notices that his devil-skin has crept up the nape of his neck, and covers it up with her (fugly) scarf.

*Linda and Amenadiel discuss baby names, with Amenadiel favoring the old-school angelic (Zoriel, Ezekiel, Azmortiel, but not Michael) and Linda the modern human (Jack). She points out that the baby isn't going to be living in the Silver City, though she's fine with Amenadiel flying him up for visits.

*Lucifer rushes to Chloe's desk, having gone home for a more fashionable scarf to ascot himself with, but finds Eve boring-suited-up Decker style. She tells him that Maze and she captured Moira, who is now being interrogated by Chloe. Moira insists she didn't kill Megan, just found her and fled in a panic when Beth was looking at her like a killer. She didn't know about the thumb drive, but several days earlier she noticed that their account was in overdraft and told her so, but Megan said it was nothing. Chloe notices Lucifer's eyes have gone permanent-devil now too.

*Dan gets into his car and is startled to find Maze lurking in his back seat. He apologizes for his behavior at Lux, but tells he doesn't believe he was wrong about her having feelings for Eve, and urges her to let her know, that he could have had more time with Charlotte if he hadn't held back his feelings, and it's his great regret.

*Confirmation of Megan's time of death makes Moira an unlikely suspect, and the search warrant served on Megan's husband seems to clear him as well. Eve suggests that since the killer must have been the one to steal the thumb drive, they should pretend there was a copy made and use it to flush the killer out.

*Chloe arrives at the penthouse to bring Lucifer down to the Lux thumb-drive-decoy-sting-party, and finds that he's gone full devil-face. He despairs that the prophecy must be coming true, but Chloe tells him she's getting Kinley moved into their holding cell so they can talk to him together about averting it, and she gives him a masque to wear for the sting-party. At the party, Eve figures Lucifer must be ready to take her back, but he shows her what's behind the mask. He asks her why she doesn't hate him, and when she says it's because she loves him, he says she shouldn't. Maze makes her grand gesture of serenading Eve with "Wonderwall" but Eve completely misses the point and just thanks her for making her realize she has to make a grand gesture of her own to Lucifer.

*At the precinct, Ella tells Dan she's figured out after reviewing the department's cruiser logs that Dan was the one who went to Tiernan about Lucifer. She tells him she has erased the logs, because she thinks he needs help not punishment, but he storms off.

*The Lux sting-party appears to be a bust, as nobody has approached Moira for the thumb drive. Then Chloe gets a call that something's gone wrong with Kinley's transfer.

*Maze and Eve have kidnapped Kinley, as Eve thinks that if she can get Kinley to convince Lucifer he's wrong about the prophecy Lucifer will take her back.

*Back at Lux, Lucifer's devil-mojo goes out of control, as he and Chloe are besieged by patrons confessing their desires. She hears Beth say she wants the thumb drive, and pulls her into the elevator with Lucifer as they make their escape from the mob.

*Dan goes to Dr. Linda for help. Although he still blames Lucifer, he knows his own behavior has gotten out of control, and Linda points out that he has been punishing himself because he blames himself. Then she asks him to take her to the hospital, as her water has just broken.

*Maze loses patience with Eve - saying that there's no point in her trying to torture Kinley into doing what they want, as he's a fanatic, that sometimes you just have to accept it when someone doesn't love you, and leaves to join Dr. Linda for her labor.

*At the penthouse, Beth gives her confession, that she always felt inferior to the twins, and 'borrowed' money from the business accounts to invest in something that was supposedly a sure thing to prove she wasn't the failure they thought she was, but she lost it all, and when Megan confronted her over it she snapped.

*At the hospital, Dan points Maze to Linda's room, and she joins Amenadiel in holding Linda's hands through the contractions. After the baby is born (no wings yet), Amenadiel suggests naming him Charlie, after Charlotte, and Linda agrees before she drifts off to sleep. Amenadiel puts the baby in his crib while telling him he's going to be safe in the Silver City forever.

*At the penthouse, Lucifer shows Chloe that he's gone full-body-Devil, as now his wings are out and won't go back. He lists the reasons he hates himself, but Chloe points out that while he always said how much he hated being blamed for humanity's sins, he must believe it on some level too, and needs to forgive himself. He says he doesn't know how to, but that he wants to, and in saying it he transforms back to his de-demonized look.

*Eve brainstorm-rambles places that she and Lucifer might be away together at, and Kinley suggests that going to Hell would solve both their problems. Eve isn't sure how she'd convince Lucifer, but as she unstraps Kinley from his bonds, he tries to strangle her, saying that killing her is the only way he feels he can avert the prophecy. Eve manages to stab him in the neck, and tells him that when he gets to Hell he has to deliver the message to the demons to come get their king, and as Lucifer rejoices with Chloe that "it looks like evil won't be released" dead-Kinley's eyes open as his body has now become the vessel to a demon.
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I got all teary at the Linda-in-labor flanked by Maze & Amenadiel scene. Given the Lucifer writing-staff penchant for cliffhanger finales, I dread how badly things may go for everyone in the next episode, but, it was a beautiful moment.

As a Supernatural fan, I had to laugh at Linda suggesting Jack for a nephilim baby name. Did the writers do that on purpose, or was it just random coincidence. (And, I forget if Archangel Michael has been mentioned before in Lucifer, but apparently I guess he's a dickhead of an angel in this universe too.)

Anyway, another good episode. Onward to the finale.
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As a Supernatural fan, I had to laugh at Linda suggesting Jack for a nephilim baby name. Did the writers do that on purpose, or was it just random coincidence.

Castiel was mentioned earlier this season, so I expect not random!

I loved Maze in this episode, both the Maze/Eve stuff (which I was really hoping to happen, partially because I love them both, partially because her song was really lovely), and also how she realized this was going nowhere and went to be with Linda in the (outrageously swanky) hospital after all.

If I'm reading the end of the episode correctly, "evil is released" in the form of something really terrible from hell taking over Father McKinley's body. I confess I'm tickled by the idea that this jackass tried so hard to prevent the prophecy but might wind up instrumental to it, and that the evil being released might be, in some sense, him...
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Eve cosplaying as Chloe made me laugh out loud, she did such a good job. And then she killed McKinley.
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