Killing Eve: I Hope You Like Missionary
May 12, 2019 7:05 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Villanelle uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of a new target. With their relationship on the rocks, Eve and Niko confront each other about their future.
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“I can’t stand breakfast. It’s just endless eggs. Why? Who decided?”
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I liked the parallel of Villanelle messing with the things in Eve's house and Eve messing with the things in the house where Niko is staying. Villanelle - calm, experienced, purposeful. Eve - not sure what to do, a bit frantic. As we saw with Eve on the train platform when she almost(?) pushed that guy in front of the incoming train, she is starting to have some of the same impulses V has but is not sure what to do with them. Unlike the train platform though, she gave in to this one.
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Right, mikepop, but I love that Eve does it so badly--ludicrously so. She's not intentional, she's not deviously inspired, she gets caught!, she cannot play it cool. For all that the talk on the interwebs is that Eve is becoming more like Villanelle, she's just terrible at being a sociopath. She cares SO MUCH about EVERYTHING.
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The tone Comer puts into her voice when she warns Eve not to speak to her (Villanelle) like that, after she botched the first AA meeting, is so scary. That might be the first time I thought about how dangerous Villanelle will be when she stops being interested in Eve.

Konstantin might still be my favorite comic relief. His constant eating in the surveillance van was delightful. Plus, his greeting to Caroline’s new houseguest.
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Carolyn is just totally the best. I love how all these new shows written and/or produced/directed by women have such great roles for over-50 women (e.g., Russian Doll).
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Eve - not sure what to do, a bit frantic.

I'm reading this as that Eve is free from the Dunning-Kruger defect; she accurately judges her own (in)aptitude at a new skill.

However, as soon as she realizes that skullduggery is just another puzzle and that she already possesses the tools required in plenty, all it would take would be a little formal education (learning from established experience, theory) for her to excel.

Fiona Shaw (Carolyn) has an absolutely amazing face - naturally physically gift - that she can control like a symphony orchestra.

And she's a master conductor.

Carolyn as a character is just. so. cool., too.
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