Killing Eve: Wide Awake
May 19, 2019 6:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Still great characters, dialogue, and acting. But I'm a little underwhelmed it's basically turned into gender-flipped Luther.

I hope/think it has more up its sleeve though.
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Oh I thought this was turning into gender flipped HANNIBAL and I'm very much down with that.
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It’s always been gender-flipped Hannibal and I am 100% here for it. Just needs more dogs.
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Was anyone else worried that Villanelle was going to harm the Very Good Cat at the start of the episode?
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I'm unclear why Villanelle killed Gemma. Trying to follow her logic: she wants a relationship with Eve. She's not happy when Niko says he still loves Eve. She won't kill Niko because that would upset Eve too much. So she kills Gemma to...? Scare off Niko more? Other reason? Does she think Eve will like that she took out "the other woman"?

Does she not think this will upset Eve at least somewhat and endanger their current weird working relationship? I mean, she did throw someone under a bus in front of her and that seems to have not had any repercussions so maybe she has reason to believe this.
posted by mikepop at 7:30 AM on May 22, 2019

I'm unclear why Villanelle killed Gemma.

This was something I wondered about at first as well, and have come up with two possible theories:
1/ Villanelle's bored with the non-killing missions she's being given. (Yea, she took out the minder last week but that was spontaneous and going off-book, assignment-wise.) Perhaps she enjoyed the stalking and planning aspect of this, as well as toying with Niko and Gemma in the moment.

Does she not think this will upset Eve at least somewhat and endanger their current weird working relationship?

2/ I can see a scenario where Eve's upset by the way in which it came about, but ultimately pleased to have Gemma out of the picture so neatly. (Assuming the locked-from-the-outside storage unit absolves Niko of any suspicion.) She seems to be leaning more in an 'the ends justify the means' direction as the series continues, and I think Villanelle senses Eve's flirtation with the dark side and looks at this as a calculated risk.

I read it as a bit of a Hannibal/Will Graham move, in that Villanelle is pushing Eve out of her comfort zone in the hopes that she evolves into someone who understands or appreciates Villanelle's ways. And if Eve disappoints her by reacting negatively she can always just kill her as well.
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I think Villanelle killed Gemma because:

a) Gemma is boring and spineless and wishy-washy in a way that is 100% annoying to Villanelle.

b) She's doing Eve a "favor." Villanelle doesn't think too much of Niko, but even she thinks he deserves a better affair than the insipid Gemma...and Eve agrees with that part.

c) It'll completely fuck up any chance of reconciliation between Eve and Niko. Niko will feel terrible and responsible for putting Gemma in harm's way, but will squarely blame Eve. Eve will be horrified and will blame herself, but will also feel a little vindicated and flattered. (And she's a terrible liar about that.)
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I thought it was more like... "here's what I'd do to you if I was sure that it wouldn't upset eve. Just so you know I'm serious here." I'm not sure she even considered the consequences much more than that.
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It's just hit me why the series is titled as it is. What we're watching is the old Eve being killed so a new Eve can be born. Whether it's Eve herself doing the killing, Villanelle doing it or the two of them working together in what's effectively a joint project remains to be seen. I hope this is what the writers' have in mind, as I for one would love to see what New Eve is capable of.
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