Veep: The Final Season
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Selina Meyer runs for President again.

Season Seven brought us back to the political arena as Selina runs for the presidency, commits massive campaign and election fraud, sells out an entire nation and an entire demographic, and — in perhaps the perfect epilogue — gets upstaged at the very end.
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I felt that this season really resurrected the show from the doldrums of S6, where the writers seemed to be take "Selina out of office doesn't know who she is" a little too much to heart.

The rise of Jonah was simultaneously ridiculous and terrifying, and served Amy's overall arc pretty well too -- her turning on him at the convention was perhaps the single most (only?) moral thing that's ever been done on this show, and of course it was for naught.

It became obvious that the end of the show would be President Splett, but the way they managed to get there was perfect.

All in all, one of the best last seasons possible.
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I really couldn't believe after the rushed S7 episodes leading up, that they really, totally stuck the landing. The ending was incredibly satisfying. It felt like the beat and pace of early episodes, everybody's arc's were surprising but in character, good moments of wit and depth...there was a bit of seriousness and weight to it I wasn't expecting.
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There were a couple of unnecessary narrative detours (Amy and Dan hooking up and the results of that encounter), but overall I thought the season was really satisfying, if a bit rushed.

Somehow all of this moral depravity, viciousness, scabrous profanity, backstabbing, tastelessness, and utter disregard for human decency has been a wonderful gift and I'll really miss it.

Fingers crossed for a spinoff about the Splett presidency.
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I haven't seen last night's episode yet, so maybe it will make sense tomorrow, but: WTF is Amy's motivation to work for Jonah?
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I can’t bring myself to watch it because I don’t want it to be over.
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I think Amy turned into a burn-it-all-down ringer for Kellyanne Conway.

Selina's speech to Tom James' chief of staff, Michelle, was another masterpiece, like one from a few seasons ago.

Selina and Gary. I'm not proud, but I shed a few tears for Gary at Selina's casket and the dubonnet lipstick.
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I think Amy went to work for Jonah for the opportunity to stick it to Selina.

I’m sorry to see this show end, but in the other hand... Who wants margaritas??
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I haven't seen last night's episode yet, so maybe it will make sense tomorrow, but: WTF is Amy's motivation to work for Jonah?

Everyone else was already staffed, so she could either take a (very) junior position with Talbot or make a few bucks off this no-chance campaign, do her time in the wilderness, and then find a job with the Meyer or Talbot administration. As was revealed in the finale, she desperately didn't want Jonah anywhere near the corridors of power, so it was just a job for her.
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My inner twelve year old was amused by the visual of the casket going into the more-than-somewhat vaginally shaped crypt, especially since the pallbearers had to make several attempts.
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The ending was very good, but I loved the Veep/Late Show Crossover scene.

I forget that this season was written months ago, so all of the chicken pox storyline was already set up before the measles outbreak occurred this spring.

And on preview, only the female solder knew where the lock was to open the crypt doors . Also, I loved it when Marjorie lost it in the last episode- it really shows how far Selina had gone.
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I think they nailed it.

And I just want to call out this glorious moment of awfulness: ...while he drowns your little mermaid back tat in a pool if jizz and admires his own reflection.
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But wait, there's more!

After production finished, HBO ran a full prop auction of hundreds of items from the show. Lots of dresses, some furniture, campaign swag, etc., but more than a few interesting highlights, callbacks, and hidden bits of comedy:

- Selina's "squeak to the nation" shoes (scene)
- Minna's "Angry Birds" clock gift (scene)
- Amy's "autopsy" report, including at least one page of text and such fun section titles as "Delusional Goals" and "Management Breakdown"
- a fake Des Moines Register paper about Jonah "hand slurs" scandal and the associated apology notecard ("I would like to apologize for the hurtful words I used, and for the hurtful word I used in the apology for the hurtful words I used")
- Jonah's diploma from Granite State College (for "having demonstrated ability at computer repair and public service management")
- Selina's funeral program, including a wreath presentation from Al Jaffar and a closing "Tibetan prayer"
- Jonah's "brag wall" photos ("Are there any pictures where the president isn't yelling at me?")
- Selina's award for Time Magazine Person of the Year... Runner-Up
- Selina's debate prep and oppo research (which is just on the verge of readable)
- Selina's super-racist anti-Kemi mailers
- Jonah's birth certificate certificat de naissance
- fake newspaper article about Richard's meteoric rise to Iowa governor (in a "twist fit for a cable television series")
- the lanyard for Roger Furlong's long-suffering aide Will (in which we discover that his last name is "Suckfreely")

And fittingly, the most valuable item -- at $5,000 -- was Gary's tube of Debonnet lipstick.
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In Veep’s Coronavirus Episode, Selina Meyer Would Be … Competent? - "Just a few short hours after that initial intelligence briefing, Meyer created the office of “COVID-19 response coordinator,” and immediately appointed Secretary of Agriculture Richard Splett to be in charge of the full government response."
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Anyone else feel like they shifted Buddy's character on us? He was always serious in his religion, but "homophobic, possibly closeted" doesn't feel like the same guy he was while Amy was running his campaign. I felt really bad for him and the way Amy treated him, and I feel like the writers did him just as poorly, in the end.
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