RuPaul's Drag Race: Queens Everywhere
May 18, 2019 8:47 AM - Season 11, Episode 12 - Subscribe

For their last challenge before the grand finale, the Top 5 queens write lyrics to RuPaul's song "Queens Everywhere," perform a dance number and record a podcast interview. Guest judges: Todrick Hall and Carson Kressley.
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Yvie Oddly Is the Only Queen That Deserves the ‘Drag Race’ Crown -- After last night's lip sync to RuPaul’s “Queens Everywhere,” Miss Oddly made it clear that she came to conquer. ( review)

Cherry-picked that review because I'm Team Oddly, though I'd be happy to see A'keria take the crown. Silky just doesn't seem polished enough, and Brooke is boring.
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Silky making it to the finale is a fucking joke.
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Yvie's performance in that rap/lip sync was fantastic. As soon as she got going I said to my partner "well, SOMEBODY is EXTREMELY SAFE". As soon as I saw Vangie not lip synching in that bit I knew she was going home. Silky was a MESS.
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Sorry I always do more than one comment in a row here because I remember what I was thinking during the episode.

When Ru said something about it being great to watch them all evolve throughout the season I wondered who exactly she was talking about. Everyone looks and behaves the same way they did when they got there. No one has really taken on board critiques: Yvie still does her usual schtick (clearly she had that formal but weird dress in her luggage) which was good when she arrived, Brooke is still just an awkward, pretty dancer, Silky pretty much refuses to take on board any criticism and is the same person she was when she arrived, A'Keria, again, is more or less consistent with one week of stepping out of her shell in the improv challenge. Vangie has definitely grown, but in some ways that was mostly done between her seasons.
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Vanjie's hair flipping makes me want to glue a wig to my head and go to town. And Yvie's walking back bend, WOW. SO cool.
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Obviously, the producers decided that the big dramatic moment of the season would be Brooke and Vanjie having to lipsync against each other.

I had figured that it would actually be Yvie and Silky in the big showdown, and that Yvie would send Silky home, but the producers clearly decided that they could milk Brooke and Vanjie's relationship for more drama.

Also, even though Silky's rap and dance routine were terrible (and what was up with that? She looked great during rehearsal, but then they never actually used any of that choreography in the actual video) they were not going to let her lipsync against either Brooke or Vanjie, because she would absolutely be going home.
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As someone who’s been Team Yvie since the promos, I am excited she’s going all the way.
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It's Ru's show and she can do whatever she wants. But Silky is a mean, messy queen who gets pass after pass. Pitting Brooke against Vanjie was a lame television stunt. I've been rooting for Oddly all season — glad to see her make it to the finale.
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I would have been fine with either Brooke or Vanjie going home, and Silky does not in any way belong in the top 4. Nina West should be there.
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Some tea spilled on the most recent What the Tuck podcast episode from Matt Rogers: apparently Ross Mathews let slip that they had assumed Silky would be a huge fan favourite and the judges have been blindsided by the Silky hate. Which, if true, would explain some of those nutty critiques, if not the comprehensive villain edit she got.

Tears for my bb Vanjie. Don't sit on the turtle!
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Ugh. Silky and Vanjie were so very, very clearly in the bottom for me, but the producers a) wanted to get their Brooke and Vanjie drama and b) didn't want to send silky home when Vanjie undisputably kicked her ass in a lipsync. It was so blatant.

My finale would have been Yvie, Brooke, Vanjie and Nina. I actually do have a real soft spot for Brooke, I like a dancing queen, but Yvie killed that performance dead.

I really miss the old finales where they would write a song for each queen and have them perform alone. The versus lipsyncs have felt lacklustre in comparison, I would have loooved to have seen what they'd have written for Yvie.
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OK, after watching the reunion, I'm just going to say, WHY ISN'T NINA IN THE TOP 4?

Damn, y'all.

The more I see of her, the more I respect Nina (even though her pride look was terrible), and fucking Silky is just not bringing it.
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they had assumed Silky would be a huge fan favourite and the judges have been blindsided by the Silky hate

Wow. Hopefully the pattern of judging based on audience reaction keeps up then.
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