Project Runway: Ep 11: New York City of Dreams
May 24, 2019 8:16 AM - Season 17, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The designers head to the store and atelier of their mentor, Christian Siriano, for a look at what could be their future as the winner of Project Runway. There, some surprise clients await: the real women who keep New York City moving! The designers are asked to create dream dresses for civic workers from the Post Office, Department of Sanitation, FDNY, NYPD and more! But they’ll need to balance their own design aesthetic while delivering on their clients’ dreams, otherwise this challenge could be their worst nightmare.
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I thought it was a sweet concept for a challenge. They handled the aspect of judging the pieces while the regular women were standing right there wearing them much better than they have in prior years--good for them.

Correct call on Jamal, but a double elimination would also have worked for me. C'mon, Tessa, I wear at least some black probably 90% of days but I would not put a self-professed girly girl who said she loves pink into a black outfit. Barring an outrageous cut, the color of clothes is the first thing regular people respond to.

Sebastian's look was not to my personal taste but it was head and shoulders above the other designers, including Garo, still in that limited silhouette with the rigid shoulders. Garo did a beautiful job of working with his client, though. It was hard not to respond to how happy she was. Also, Bishme with his teacher was so freaking cute I could hardly stand it.

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I guess it was getting too obvious that they were trying to hide Sebastian so they gave him a ringer for a model knowing that there was no way he could lose.

What I dislike about "real woman" challenges is so much of it depends on the woman being able to walk the runway. Body size plays into it as well or having very specific tastes, but having the confidence to sell it on the runway is a really big factor, cf Garo.

Jamal should've gone home weeks ago, in a double elimination if necessary. Tessa and Hester, both have a very narrow range but at least Hester acknowledges it and I actually want to see her final collection because it will be colorful and crazy. Tessa's would be all shapeless layers and black.
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Can they just send Tessa home now? I wish they had been able to do a double elimination. Both Tessa and Jamal just did.not. listen. to anything their clients said. Jamal's client said more than once that she wanted sleeves. Jesus. How hard is it to do sleeves? She was so uncomfortable that I almost cried when she walked the runway. Projecting my own feeling onto her, I'm sure, but I can't stand feeling exposed and you could just see how vulnerable she felt, between not liking her arms, and her boobs ready to fall out any second. GAHHHHHH.

Tessa's look was ill-fitting and really just atrocious. She needs to go, hopefully she's next.
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What a mix of looks! The top 3 looks are ALL stunning.

Bishme: That blue is really pretty - if a little too cinderella - and the pleating and low v are stunning. I do think the front of the v cut gaps a little too much. I know that it's difficult to fit people with a smaller chest but perhaps something could have been done there.

Garo Sparo: Obviously his client loves this and it is beautiful! The detachable chiffon cape is a great touch. It fits her curves really well. Though I do think the bottom hem is a little wonky - it looks like he shortened it quickly and the fabric is a bit thick. Did theys how that on camera?

Sebastian: This is my FAVORITE but I also have a very vintage aesthetic. The detail work is beautiful. The lines are beautiful. The layering is beautiful. Most of the other designs don't even come close. The critique of being "outdated" is misplaced when someone has a passion for vintage. Like, that's kinda the point? To not be completely modern. I would wear that in a heartbeat. Dying.

Hester: I think the color choice was great and the overall idea was decent. But the fit and finishing isn't great. I mean, I hate "flattering" as an idea that anyone has to do. But at the same time our eye looks for balance naturally. And her body type is more rectangular. Therefore the waist is very straight and leads to the bunching and sort of awkward shape of that end point at the top area. I think making more of a straight shift with the bottom fluted/handkerchief hem would have fit her body better without adding an awkward cutoff at the waist. Even doing a separate belt or cinching of a continuous section of dress would have been better.

Tessa: I really can't wit her. Her attitude is garage. She doesn't listen to her clients or to criticism. She doesn't finish garments. I honestly don't know where she spends her time and YES she has done so many black or dark looks. These challenges the clients really DO need to find a balance of listing to their client while making decision on what would enhance their client, NOT what would be what they want to do no matter what the client says.

Jamall: I agree he should have been gone long ago. I'm glad they called out the fabric choice because I wasn't sure that it wasn't a stretch fabric. But it didn't seem like the right fabric. Then when the judges pointed out it's not the stretch fabric I was like - this IS sewing 101. Bodycon NEEDS at least a 2 way if not 4 way stretch fabric. That poor girl. That dress was basic, ill fitted, and sad. He seems like a fine person, but clearly doesn't have enough experience.
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Oh thank gods that Jamal is finally gone. It's painful that he was there so long when designers with much better skills and a clearer vision were eliminated weeks ago. Also, that dude has got to learn about boobs and how they work.

Tessa's face in the beginning when she heard "real women" and her recovery when she saw that her assigned client wasn't fat. Jesus. And I wonder about the rest of the discussion she had with that lady, because the footage was presented in such a way to suggest that Tessa just straight-up lied to the judges.

I loved the way Garo treated his client (and I loved the judges pointing out his properly-finished chiffon edges in comparison to Tessa's.) I didn't actually think his dress was as well made as it could have been with more time; the bottom of the corset created a funny line. Also, she was clearly very uncomfortable walking in those shoes, but I don't blame him for that, I don't know what kind of options were available. Project Runway, let the non-model women have some cute low heels so that they can strut their stuff more comfortably, okay?

They seem to continue to take Sebastian's skill for granted? And they didn't acknowledge what a departure this dress was for him outside of his personal design aesthetic? And they spent most of the season swooning over Hester's growing confidence but don't seem to see that Sebastian is overcoming some confidence issues too? Sigh. And the trailer for next week indicated that he melts down pretty significantly; I hope it's just an extra dramatic tease and that he overcomes. This competition is ultimately down to him and Bishme, IMO.
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