Critical Role: A Dangerous Chase
May 27, 2019 3:08 PM - Season 2, Episode 64 - Subscribe

Giving chase to their wily target, the Mighty Nein travel north into the Barbed Fields, a dangerous and terrifying wasteland...
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"Look out Caduecus - they're armed!"

Dead silence.
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I love how Travis went from SUPER EXCITED about going through the Barbed Fields to SUPER TERRIFIED once the battle started and Matt started making sound effects.
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I'm beginning to think that Matt is deliberately picking creepy horror monsters in creepy settings just to get these reactions from Travis.

I believe the last, unofficial stretch goal for the Kickstarter was someone filming Travis going to a haunted house.
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I believe the last, unofficial stretch goal for the Kickstarter was someone filming Travis going to a haunted house.

nubs, indeed it was! Apparently Travis gets enchantingly terrified by such things, and agreed to go through a haunted house and let it be filmed if the Kickstarter hit 10 million.
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When the first campaign was happening I bounced hard off of it early on after an episode that started with Vox Machina walking to the villain’s lair and four hours of my life later they were still doing the exact same thing but they’d fought a couple of ogres and an ooze.

I get that D&D is like that sometimes but I wish that there was some way for me to know when episodes like this one, that can be skipped without missing anything particularly relevant to the ongoing plot, are asking for a big chunk of my listening time.

Overall I have been enjoying this campaign, but this episode was a drag.
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Parasite Unseen - the CritRoleStats Twitter feed live tweets each episode. I find it a useful guide before I watch (I basically never watch live because I'm on the East coast.) I can use it as a guide to whether I want to skip around or just watch it straight through.
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Caduecus Shoo-ing away the bats was such a perfect Grumpy Old Lady moment.
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