Critical Role: Intervention
May 20, 2019 2:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 63 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein tell the Bright Queen about a potential attack on Xhorhas, and attempt to infiltrate a meeting at the Overcrow Apothecary...
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Hoo boy! Watching Sam look worried, when he's usually so goofy, was half the fun of this episode for me, but also had me on the edge of my seat. I swear, Sam as a single infiltrator makes for some of the best viewing...
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Infiltration/capture missions in tabletop RPGs typically go very sideways, so it was kind of expected.

-The "How do you want to do this?" for Liam killing the horse was a nice touch.
-Counterspell makes a return to the table (and Matt's note to himself to use Counterspell against the group is right on; the party is caster heavy compared to the first campaign, so it's going to be a good tactic to mess with the group a little bit)
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This is me reserving a spot to say I am not caught up yet but now that I have heard that Sam is nervous about what happened in this ep so am I 🙀
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These were the Sam tweets I saw Friday morning before I had a chance to watch the VOD:

"Hoo boy guys. I think I fucked us."
"Woof. I've made mistakes before but rarely one that big. Now I get to spend 6 1/2 days thinking about it. Oh well. D&D right?"

So yeah, that was fun watching.
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I think Sam is being a little too hard on himself; breaking cover was not the best decision, but when you are in the moment, you don't know and can't be sure if you are jumping at something meaningless or if you are letting the big chance slip away. Once that was done, and he got free of the charm, he was the one who stayed focused on trying to prevent the escape of their target. Given the need for a live prisoner, I was really surprised nobody even seemed to be thinking about applying non-lethal damage or using spells like Hold Person.

Kinda excited to see what this dip into Yasha's backstory will bring; I guess they are going to make use of the time they have before Ashley is back filming Blindspot.
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I am watching right now and I agree, I don't think Sam did something totally terrible either. It was what it was.
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Sam talked last night on Talks Machina about being kind of scared of being the rogue and therefore being out in front of the party, but this isn’t his first time. Vagueness for folks who haven’t seen Campaign 1, but if you have, you probably know when I mean.

I think he took reasonable chances, and dice rolls meant he got pretty far but not quite far enough. I agree that he’s being hard on himself.
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Sam should just listen to What's Up, Danger? and chill.
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Damn, the first half of this was killer. Kind of fizzled out after the break ... ah well, that's D&D sometimes.
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The Mercer/Colbert one shot is up now
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Oh dear. Do I watch that or try to watch CR live tonight?
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The look on Colbert's face when Matt did his usual skilled storyteller thing... he was sucked right in. I enjoyed both their chatting/banter and the adventure.
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Sam was really unsettled about this on Talks Machina. It's always interesting when he and Liam are on the couch together. Liam seems a little more sanguine about how things are going, but Sam seems uncharacteristically thrown by recent events, since their "defection" to the Bright Queen.

I think the road ahead is going to be quite bumpy.
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I finally got around to finishing this, and honestly expected Sam to have made a larger 'mistake' than what he did (compared to other things that have happened this campaign, this seems like nothing!) Travis and Laura we're great, though, especially at the end.
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