My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 461: All Rise!
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On today's episode, we spend a while getting PUMPED for all the GREAT new television shows we'll get to watch this year, then introduce our backdoor pilot for a food delivery brand that can transform into a bazooka-wielding beast-monster. Hollywood, you know how to reach us. Suggested talking points: Pilot Season 2019, Cool Forklift Stunts, Three-Fight Deal, Beastmates, Dantown, War Gunk, Noise Funk
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I kind of wish this was mainly a podcast where Justin quizzes the other two about celebrity wine, pilot season, etc. and once in a while they do an advice question.
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I feel like we're just one or two segments away from the brothers abandoning the Yahoo answers concept altogether. Like they spent a full 15+ minutes on the opening segment two weeks in a row. Throw in a Munch Squad or equivalent and you're basically halfway to barely being about questions at all.
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I think there's been a lot of kidding on the square over the last year or so that they're worried Yahoo Answers is just going to disappear overnight and rob then of their signature bit. It makes a lot of sense that they're intentionally trying to diversify their bit portfolio.

Meanwhile the Money Zone this week had me wondering if they've been feeling any pressure to outdo The Beef And Dairy Network's ziprecruiter ads, and reminded me of how much I miss listening to them try to deliver a G-rated Extreme Restraints ad ("aww man, I'm such a blabbermouth, I wish there was something I could just put in there to stop me from talking sometimes").
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This episode had such a slaphappy looseygoosey vibe, and I loved it. And it made so much sense, once they explained at the end that it was their fourth episode over the weekend.
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Since this all happened over 200 episodes ago I realized there may be some folks unfamiliar with the McElroy Brothers Extreme Restraints Comedy Hour (the, in my opinion, single best ad read in the history of the show begins at about 4:35).
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Yeah I really loved the vibe on this one. I loved the moneyzone stuff. And I appreciated the effort they went to to record extra episodes for us. I'm glad they did it.
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One of my favorite things is when Griffin says, "Plaaayy with me!" It's the cutest. And the moneyzone was terrific.
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"I said the name of the ad really good!"
"But it didn't make any narrative sense!!"

Dying here.

Also All Rise sounds like a totally-uncalled-for remake of Night Court.
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