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November 13, 2014 4:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Will Graham's days are trending downwards in quality. Lucky for him Hannibal is on the case!
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You made me chicken soup?
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Did this episode really only get one comment back in the day? I guess people were saving it up for the finale?

Well, here's wellntruly/Weird Deer's recap for this episode.
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Oh hey, a person. Hello!

You know what, all this time I thought that Abigail had called Hannibal to meet her at the house because she was scared.

What actually happens is, when she gets in she finds him in the kitchen and goes "What are you doing here?"

I just. Wow OMG. She wasn't even running to Hannibal for asylum. She was running away from all the dangerous adults in her life, to hole up alone in the house that wasn't even her house any more.

She wasn't calling Alana for help.
She wasn't calling Freddie for help.
She was actively running away from Will, who was accusing her.
She wasn't calling Jack for help, but then, she wouldn't.
And as it turns out, she wasn't even calling Hannibal for help.

She tried to help herself. Nobody would let her.
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