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I thought the first episode was really good. It had made an oblique appearance here a year ago, but I didn't see that and so hadn't heard of it at all until I was looking for something to watch a couple hours before it started. Top production design, too. 10 episodes.
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The book is great, for anyone wondering.

I think this looks good, too. Haven't checked it out yet though.
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My DVR recorded it but I haven't watched it yet!

The biggest draw for me is Jahkara Smith, who you may recognize from her video essays on makeup or books.

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I have to admit that while I was happy to see SailorJ get something good from her youtubing I was a little bit skeptical just because first acting job so when she dun good, YAY!

But I swear to christ if they don't find some reason for her to be screeching like a pterodactyl I WILL CALL THE CHURCH
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