Archer: Archer 1999: Happy Borthday
June 8, 2019 11:14 PM - Season 10, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The crew provides entertainment for Bort while Barry-6 tries to crack Archer's safe.
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I liked this episode much better.

Pam trying to break the fourth wall and Archer calling her out for it atones for the season opener.

Surprised that Cyril actually managed to cut Krieger in half. "C'mon man, you're spilling all my robot milk." is a nice callback to Alien.

The artists looked like they had a blast drawing stylized roman gladiator armour like they did when they were kids (I know I did).
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Surprised that Cyril actually managed to cut Krieger in half.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that Chris Parnell’s contract says he gets at least one random bad-ass moment in each season.
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My teenage daughter walked in while I was halfway through this episode and settled down to join me. She'd never seen Archer before. Trying to explain that this character is an android but last season he was a parrot, and that that ball of energy is that character's mother, and... but she liked it, so much that we went back to season 1, episode 1. Hoo boy the show has changed, and for the better. That early animation!
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I was surprised to learn over on the AV Club that there is a sizeable contingent who hate Barry. Barry's great!
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Barry (6) only works based on his (twisted/ fraught) history as a former co-worker who ended up much more (initially) successful than the ISIS crew.

Other Barry has been great; the lack of background renders Barry (6) a bit of an enigma.

I'n not a superfan of Barry. He only makes sense as a villain/ antagonist only if one if familiar with the plot arc to date. In that context, I'm super sympathetic with Barry and the Barry characters.
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and... but she liked it, so much

Ok, I thought there was a full length version of the pilot where Sterling was replaced with a velicoraptor, but this is a taste. Can't find the full episode version, but it must still be extant. I might have a copy on my HD.
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I can totally see not "getting" Barry without context of... all of it. He's a very Frank Grimesy sort of character who just slowly loses it over Archer's whole schtick which is super sympathetic.

Ha, I just remembered Framboise. Allo!
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Well, that's fair that Barry makes the most sense/has the greatest impact if you've been watching all along. But I think it's reasonable for a show in it's 10th season to be kind of calling on it's past.
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There's some back-story developed (or slipped in - *SPACE PHRASING!*) between Barry-6 and Archer in this episode -- Archer stole some cargo/ a delivery from Barry-6, but Archer says he still has it in his safe. (But then Archer tells Mother that there's nothing in the safe, so maybe he he had something?)

RIP Funbeak. You were fun while you lasted.

It felt like Funbeak was a nod to something else, but I can't put my finger on it. Speaking of references, A.V. Club has some references you may have missed, but doesn't tie Barry-6's reference to "a five-man bunkhouse stampede" to the Bunkhouse Stampede, which was basically a battle royal where the wrestlers wore "bunkhouse gear" (blue jeans and cowboy boots, etc.) and brought their own props. "These were most often bloody matches, as there were several weapons involved." [I'm not a wrasslin' fan, but "bunkhouse stampede" was a weird enough phrase I had to Google it.]
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Is Funbeak a nod to Bubo?
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Maybe? But the vulture-like structure feels familiar.

reddit folks saw a resemblance to Turkatron from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is closer, but not vulture-y enough.
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Funbeak was (or immediately struck me as almost certainly) a reference to the leaking Chinese food leftovers, which Archer calls “bird bot” at one point.
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Trying not to be fighty at all, GIS for Mechanical Owl brings up likely/ plausible design precursors.

lol, Funbeak being a "(East Coast) Chinese Restaurant takeout thing" would be hillarious in an understated and very dry meta way.

But yeah, Funbeak (callout to 'Funboy' - The Crow 1999?) is likely an amalgamation of different influences and a reinterpretation of the whole thing, and we're getting nowhere other than laugh about Mallory zapping her own boy-child in the penis/ testicles area with (painful) electricity.

Wondering whether being based in Georgia affects the creative process.

Anyway, I'm fully onboard this season, based on it's second instalment turnaround.
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IIRC, Robot Chicken was named for a dish at a Chinese restaurant that Green and Senreich used to eat at. And Funbeak does not look entirely unlike the last iteration of said Robot Chicken on that show.
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Greebles! The cereal that's a spaceship design motif.
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