Archer: Archer 1999: The Leftovers
June 12, 2019 9:27 PM - Season 10, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Pam's sandwich ruins everyone's dinner by releasing something deep inside of them.
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William Hughes goes hard (SPACE PHRASING!) with the obscure references over at TV/AV Club, where he gave this episode an A- and noted this is the first time in more than half a decade that someone other than Adam Reed wrote the episode. Mark Ganek (IMDb) does a good job, but also includes some older (dated?) call-backs, like Brett.

Farewell, Benedict ... though we might see you in the future (just me guessing).
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We know this is the final season, I am 100% for making callbacks to olden days like Brett.
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My DVR cut off right when Brett's ship was destroyed. Did anything happen after that? My brain decided that Krieger said "Oh, did I forget to mention the eggs are also extremely explosive?" and cut to credits, but I'm probably wrong.
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Yeah, there was zero indication that the eggs could prove a hazard to a starship, so that was kind of random.

Are the eggs simply a nod to Futurama's Omicronian larva?

It's so Archer of Archer to adopt Pam's sandwich as a pet with elevated privileges from him than the rest of the crew, but/ and I kinda liked that the facehugger stand-in was a cuddlesome face hugger.
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I thought this was sort of a miss, as I didn't think it advanced the plot much. And, I don't feel we learned anything about the characters we didn't already know. YMMV.
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This is Archer, who cares about plot ?
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They're steadily moving past pastiche into parody, with more than a hint of farce. I love it.
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