Tales of the City: Coming Home (2019)
June 9, 2019 11:20 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After two decades away, Mary Ann Singleton returns to Barbary Lane for Anna Madrigal's 90th birthday party, meeting new tenants and being confronted with decisions she made long ago. The first of ten new episodes now streaming on Netflix.
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I didn’t watch the finale season because I got binged out but I only saw all of this show about two years ago. I read the synopsis and it seemed like it strayed from the stories about human relationships and slipped into shocking revelations just for tha hell of it.

I love these characters.

I forgot how much of the dialogue was unspoken yet so expertly communicated by the ensemble cast.

The first episode is Damn near perfect and I am forcing myself to watch one ep every other day so I don’t binge and get a glut of emotions.
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I've read the recent books and really am appreciating the show. As a San Franciscan and fan of Tales of the City I'm very pleased.
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I don't want to start off in a negative way, but I really didn't like this. The one guy from Looking is an amazing actor, but I found it really hard to like any of the other characters, and that scene inside of a Thai restaurant run by monks read very much like an East Coaster's cartoonish stereotype of the Bay Area to me. (I have thoughts on the rest of the season too, but I don't wish to spoil anyone.)
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