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June 14, 2019 1:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Vic meets Maggie, a medium with more questions than answers. Manx visits Haverhill to seek 'The Shorter Way' and finds Bing, who is eager to help.
posted by jazon (8 comments total)
I wish I found this show more interesting than I do. It just isn't holding my interest at all.
posted by sarcasticah at 4:18 PM on June 16, 2019

Perhaps weirdly, I find myself loving the Vic storyline and wishing the whole show were just about her; the Charlie Manx stuff so far has not interested me or made me feel creepy feelings or whatever the Big Bad of a horror story should be doing. I could watch a whole show that was just The Vic Show. (Well, and her dysfunctional family, and the neighbor girl, and the guy friend, etc.)

Although, having said that, I did find Maggie more interesting once she met Vic in this episode, so maybe my interest in Vic will continue to transfer itself to people she interacts with. The dynamic between Vic and Maggiehad nice texture--how different they are, how Vic is twanging with stress and uncertainty while Maggie seems to have a basic comfort level with Weird Shit, etc. So maaaaybe once Manx is also tied in with Vic, I'll find him more interesting too? Not sure, though--maybe if I liked Zachary Quinto better in general. Hmm.
posted by theatro at 10:53 AM on June 17, 2019

Once again, I want myself wanting to talk more about the book than the episode itself. I'm thinking maybe it's just not working well for people who didn't read the book?
posted by terilou at 6:29 PM on June 18, 2019

For what it's worth, I read the book. Not sure if that's why I'm basically liking most of the show so far. I do find myself very curious (and, I admit, apprehensive) about how the show plans to handle the (being unspoilery) narrative developments, time-wise.
posted by theatro at 10:57 AM on June 19, 2019

narrative developments, time-wise.

Same. I’m confused.
posted by terilou at 7:57 PM on June 19, 2019 know, looking at imdb, I don't see any older actors cast as the central characters, so I wonder if they're just gonna...skip that whole aspect? There's an actor cast as Lou Carmody who looks to be just five or six years older than the actress currently playing Vic. Hmm!
posted by theatro at 8:56 AM on June 20, 2019

I don't think the show is a redo of the books, more an adaption with similar elements, which is why I've been making the posts as "show only". If there is desire then I'll change and make it "book included" for the next one.
posted by jazon at 5:19 AM on June 21, 2019

I've never read the book, but I am curious, since people keep mentioning it, how this differs.

I will say the show has certain things that remind me of King's Needful Things (the book).
posted by miss-lapin at 9:44 PM on June 23, 2019

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