Six Feet Under: The Trip
June 14, 2019 8:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

A three-week-old baby succumbs to SIDS, and Rico, who is managing Fisher & Sons while Nate and David are away at a funeral directors' conference in Vegas, finds preparation of the tiny body difficult given that Vanessa is nearing her due date. After Ruth is told her flower arrangements are too funereal, she takes a class in flower arranging and breathing. Claire learns Gabe is in the hospital after a drug overdose, and pays him a series of visits with varied success. In Vegas, David's conference speech is a big hit and he partakes in some of the local attractions. Brenda tags along on the Vegas trip, but so does Billy, and when they get back home, Nate and Brenda find he's gifted them with some unexpected souvenirs. Rico and Vanessa welcome their second son, Augusto, into the world.

The obituary for this episode:

Dillon Michael Cooper

May 4th, 2001- May 23, 2001

Born May 4, 2001; passed away May 23, 2001. Dillon is survived by his loving parents, Mike and Paula; his grandparents, Jane and Dan Cooper and Theresa and James Walmsley.

Dillon, you were the light and joy of our lives. Every second we had with you was a gift. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and miss you. You will always be our beautiful baby boy.

Funeral service will be held today at 1PM at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home.
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This is when we learn that Billy is seriously fucked up.

That David is seriously fucked up.

And that Keith isn't.
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Of all the Six Feet Under deaths, this is probably the hardest one to watch. When I recognized this one as "the one with the baby" two seconds in, I said out loud, "Oh God, not this one." The baby's slightly laboured breathing and the mobile music and the visual of the mobile gradually blurring out.... argghhh. I never want to see that again.

Rico had such a hard time prepping the baby that it was a relief to see that he got the reward of the parents' telling him how much it meant to them to see the baby looking as though he was sleeping. Which is partly why he does what he does -- it isn't all about the challenge and the artistry of restoration for him, though certainly he takes enormous satisfaction in that. And the episode that begins with the death of one baby begins with the birth of another.

It was nice to see Ruth breaking free and creating more artistic arrangements than the stiff, tight ones she's been doing. She does know gardening and flowers and have a passion for them, and she has an eye for what looks right. My guess is that Ruth is really a frustrated artist in her way, and that Claire probably got her artistic gift from her mother. Now if Ruth would only take a good look in the mirror and realize that ankle socks with mary janes is an atrocious look.

Poor Gabe. If he'd just had a better start in life. And Claire reminds me of me as a teenager, trying to rescue the messed-up boy I loved. I couldn't do it and neither can she.

David's cold treatment of his one-night stand and the hard, nasty tone in which he called his prostitute a faggot when he was banging him were pretty disturbing. His inability to accept his gayness not only makes him miserable but also leads him to mistreat the men he has sex with. Keith was so right to refuse to put up with that shit.

Unlike David, Brenda and Nate had an awesome time in Vegas. Those two know how to have fun together, even if they do suck at the work of being partners. And of course Billy had to show up, looking like some homeless guy, and put a damper on things, and then pull some really fucked up shit. How did he even figure out where they were? Did he message Claire and ask?
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I'm not sure whether there really are flower arranging classes that feature yoga breathing and enthusiastic use of hammers - but if not, I feel there should be. I note that the flower shop Ruth works at - the one which looks like a filling station - was indeed originally a filling station -and was also the last place James Dean was seen alive when he filled up his Porsche 550 Spyder. Seems appropriate. 14325 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

Whatever the Fishers have given Rico in terms of a pay-rise is insufficient.
posted by rongorongo at 10:28 PM on March 28, 2022

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