Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Inescapable
June 24, 2019 2:48 PM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Altarah traps Fitz and Simmons in a mind-prison to coerce them into inventing time-travel. They encounter many obstacles, including the return of Leopold and a homicidal ballerina representing Gemma's buried rage. Enoch figures out how to be a better BFF.

It's kind of a rom-com, really.
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I was mentally daring them to have Leopold and the Ballerina figure out time travel and make it back to the real world with Fitz and Simmons becoming relegated to their respective subconsciouses.
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"It's been a rough year!"
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That was a lot of fun. I was glad to see Enoch fix his mess, and I loved their entire fight.
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Yeah, I appreciated that they gave Fitz-Simmons time to work through some of the stuff that had happened in the year they were apart and some reminders about their shared history, both in-show and pre-show. It would have felt awkward if they just sorta skipped past that, y'know?
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This felt like the most Whedonesque episode in a long time, and I mean that for good values of “Whedonesque.” They’re dropped in a mind prison reminiscent of the dream world of “Restless” from Buffy or the Attic from Dollhouse, and spend about one whole minute trying to solve time travel before diving into all the pain and trauma of their relationship. It was funny and tragic and touching and scary and included a nod to the power of friendship and just overall a great time.

It even had two very Whedonesque interruption jokes, both when Atarah is decommissioned mid-threat and when Daisy steps on Mack’s portentous announcement. Very much like when both Bill Paxton and Loki were blasted mid-boast by Coulson.

Two things: If the Chronocom planet was covered with molten lava, that’s probably not the work of the Shrike, is it? Was it Sarge’s team that slagged the planet in an attempt to kill the Shrike?

Also: May, now that you have Sarge locked up and unconscious, CHECK TO SEE IF HE HAS A FREAKING ROBOT HAND!! This would be very illuminating either way!!
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Also: May, now that you have Sarge locked up and unconscious, CHECK TO SEE IF HE HAS A FREAKING ROBOT HAND!! This would be very illuminating either way!!

Not that May would know this, but Deke already did this. He stabbed Sarge in the hand as a final confirmation that in fact this is not Coulson in the boardroom scene back in episode 4.
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Oh thanks. I kind of slept through that episode and missed parts of it!
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Fitz: "Didn't know you liked that."
Simmons: "Didn't know you'd do that."

Was that an anal sex joke ?
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I guess it's just a standard "OMG it's so kinky" joke, they even do the head-tilting.
That episode was just adorable and fun. After AOS meets Guardians of the Galaxy (S6E03) it was AOS meets Legion.
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Hmm, now I can't get the image of Simmons pegging Fitz out of my head...
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I really enjoyed watching this one. Good job, folks.
Ringupold was a hoot. Their relationship(s) were well done. Poor Fitz finding out he's already proposed and died. Fitz trying to get Jemma to stop being a kid with an awful book tattling on him. Just great.
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