Perpetual Grace, LTD: Felipe G. Usted... Part 2
June 25, 2019 5:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Go West, Young Glenn! As Pa drives his ice cream van to the town of Sheriff Hector, Felipe interrupts his space training in favor of not going to prison. Glenn, in search of friendship and membership in the "Special Boys" gang, goes the Extra Mile to deposit some cash in Hermosillo, and learns that West is not to the left.
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RIP Felipe's dreams of being an astronaut.

I'm glad that Hector's boys thought that Pa's shadiness outweighted the lure of ice cream. I have no idea what he'll say, in Spanish, about his job. That's a pretty bold move, but one I'm sure he has planned out. He and Ma are the ones who plan, and plan well, but often face limitations placed on them by others.

James is a floater, easily pulled into con jobs, like Paul Allen Brown (this particular apple didn't really fall far from the tree), who appears to have plans, but they're all talk. At least he has his magic. He can disappear pretty well. And reappear, a few feet away. Maybe farther?

Glenn, oh Glenn. You're still learning so much. James has that going for him, his compassion for Glenn. And Hector, in a way. Glenn's dad -- Michael Chernus -- is he typecast as "bad dad"? OK, my only points of comparison are this and Patriot, but that's 2 for 2, though he has more going for him than "town drunk" in Patriot.
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I like Glenn and the symbolic aspects of what they're doing with him. Felipe too, but I don't know how much he fits into the story going forward.
"Pa" as a sort of villainous type, without a lot of backstory (so far), isn't my favorite way to use Ben Kingsley. I aborted this comment in an earlier episode. I sort of want him to get a backstory episode, but I don't think it would fit the character of the show?

I mean, I felt that way when he showed up in Sopranos (a cameo in that case, I think, my memory ain't great, in fact I had to look up what show I remembered him in that involved gift bags ;). Kingsley is a Grand Actor, and I feel like a lot of TV actors could have slid in there and been this villain so far, with no loss. It's only a "problem" in that one wants more from such an A-lister than this script is giving.
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