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Follows James, a young grifter, as he attempts to prey upon Pastor Byron Brown, who turns out to be far more dangerous than he suspects.

Perpetual Grace, LTD: A Sheriff in the Era of the Cartel  Season 1, Episode 10

Fun facts: there are specific physicalities of a liar, 11 indications, and any one of them is a strong tell that a person is not being honest. And In baseball, you don't have to pitch right away. You can take your time. You can take your time between pitches. In baseball. As much as you like. Sometimes it's tough to get into the rhythm of the world. And find a way to rhyme with it. Also, sometimes you just need a proper name to get back in the rhythm. And/or a noble goal. [Season finale]
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: The Elements of an Epiphany  Season 1, Episode 9

This week, we hear more of the continued adventures of Luke Steel, who totally outsmarted the Crazy Fucking Old Guy. And got out of that crazy shit. Luke learned his lesson, assisted by the crazy old fuck with lessons of love. Lovely lessons of bird style love. And the fear left Luke Steel ripped and really jacked up physique. Also, there's a race against time and the Department of Health, a town covered in old news, and New Leaf chooses a new name.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Fiveever  Season 1, Episode 8

Pa and Ma face off new obstacles, as James faces his own set of hurdles in Half Acre, namely a ranger, an undertaker, and an orphaned son. Also, more on the magical art of Hunkering Down, and The Little Cabin That is Totally Not Scary But Rather is Oh So Filled with Fun and Safety And You Can Stay Here for Three Whole Days and be So Safe and Very Merry.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Bull Face  Season 1, Episode 7

New Leaf shares life lessons from time spent in the barrel. Scotty Sholes looks forward to new-found freedom. There are long hugs, serious discussions, and a peculiar concentration of activity involving, somehow, Mexico.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: When Doves Cry  Season 1, Episode 6

The episode where Ben Kingsley sings "When Doves Cry," and Ma (Jacki Weaver) tells Scotty Sholes (Hana Mae Lee) some (mis)information about mourning doves. Also, there's a switch-back Mexico double-cross, but it's not time for the yogurt phase yet.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Wandering Left  Season 1, Episode 5

On Father's Day in Mexico, Pa has a classroom monologue ("A little bit about me, personally I own a helicopter, and, yeah, I'm a black belt in karate with red stripes for some secret shit I know"), and James guides Glenn out of the desert ("Left isn't west. Sometimes it is, I mean, but sometimes it isn't. Life taught me that.") We get some backstory from Sheriff Hector Contreras ("I'm gonna call you 'Speedy,' not for Speedy Gonzales 'cause that's not cool").
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Felipe G. Usted... Part 2  Season 1, Episode 4

Go West, Young Glenn! As Pa drives his ice cream van to the town of Sheriff Hector, Felipe interrupts his space training in favor of not going to prison. Glenn, in search of friendship and membership in the "Special Boys" gang, goes the Extra Mile to deposit some cash in Hermosillo, and learns that West is not to the left.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1  Season 1, Episode 3

Pa (Ben Kingsley) attempts to escape; James (Jimmi Simpson) seeks a rattlesnake; Felipe (Efren Ramirez) undertakes astronaut training. (Epix) [more inside]
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Orphan Comb Death Fight  Season 1, Episode 2

James/Fake Paul meets Walker, Texas Ranger. New Leaf's backstory: a passive-aggressive stop sign holder and eyewear entrepreneur. "Pa" hatches a plan with a beer can. Ankle bracelets (two types), rattlesnakes, Mexican spaceflight achievement. [more inside]
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Perpetual Grace, LTD: Eleven  Season 1, Episode 1

Does Steven Conrad's Patriot have too much industrial piping for your taste? Want to get in on the ground floor of a show that might be listed on a "Best Shows You Haven't Heard Of" list a year from now? Then you might like Conrad's latest, Perpetual Grace, LTD, which premiered June 2 on Epix. This show has everything: [more inside]
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