Aniara (2018)
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A ship carrying settlers to a new home in Mars after Earth is rendered uninhabitable is knocked off-course, causing the passengers to consider their place in the universe.

Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja go full feature length for their eco-existentialist sci-fi homage to Harry Martinson's epic poem and Swedish national treasure.
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I caught this in a local theater a few weeks back, and dug it overall.

One thing I especially liked was: in a very large number of various fiction about proverbial shit hitting the fan, society and civilization collapses with comical immediate speed--usually not by using the speed of collapse as any kind of commentary angle, but just because it's an unexamined assumed given. I quite liked that here, that didn't happen: grim as everything was, increasingly despairing, the forced bottle society actually recognizably held on for a number of years.
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I liked the matter-of-fact narrative from a woman's point of view. It dealt with space travel, existential angst, disasters, end of the worldness, etc.
But it was also primarily a story of one woman's life.
She returned to her job, found a previous crush, dealt constantly with an unreasonable job environment, started a family (with help from a post apocalyptic orgy cult, hey it's film-Sweden, 'natch) survived tragedy, helped her community and then lived on. There was a banal presentation of life's hope and achievement within a capsule of cosmic doom. I found that fascinating, almost inspiring.
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I will have to go deeper for cultural context, I guess, but FUCK YES I LOVED THIS.
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Just watched this last night. What an amazing movie, unlike anything else I've seen. I need to watch it maybe 500 more times.
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I literally cannot stop thinking about it. I think I have to get one of the translated editions.

My first wife was of Polish and Swedish ancestry, and the word she and her family used to refer to her grandmother was “meemaw”.
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Still can't stop thinking about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
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We just watched this last night, and were kind of obsessed with the duck mascot. When he shows up again several years into the voyage, we cheered.
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Update: I never did watch it again, because right after this post the pandemic hit, hard, and it seemed more like a premonition than a movie. I still love it, but it will be years before a repeat viewing.
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