Paper Girls Volume 4
July 1, 2019 6:49 AM - by Brian K Vaughan - Subscribe

The mind-bending, time-warping adventure from Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang continues, as intrepid newspaper deliverer Tiffany is launched from the prehistoric past into the year 2000! In this harrowing version of our past, Y2K was even more of a cataclysm than experts feared, and the only person who can save the future is a 12-year-old girl from 1988. (Issues 16 - 20), colors by Matt Wilson.
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(for those who are trying to remember, this is the year 2000 arc)

I love the year 2000 Tiffany reveal, and 12 year-old Tiffany's reaction to it. It's different enough from everyone else's 'life doesn't turn out the way we expect it to when we're 12' reveals that it's interesting.

KJ is still my favorite with how she internalizes the idea that she might be a lesbian and then quickly decides to own it. I do like how they dealt with Mac's ongoing denial, too - admittedly she has a few other things she's dealing with, too.

I love Cliff Chiang's art and character designs (Cliff Chiang's character designs were probably the only good thing about the New 52 Wonder Woman arc), but I also want to point out that Matt Wilson is doing a great job making everything still legible but absolutely weird and sci-fi with the colors.

Also, Erica pointing out that maybe they haven't had the best luck in basements lately was pretty great.
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(Also, as a note, the hugo awards posts are going to go up twice a week - Monday and Thursday - so we fit everything in before August 1st)
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Isn't the next issue going to be the last one? I'll have to reread them all, soon.
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Yes! It's going to be a double issue, too - on sale at the end of this month. The volume 6 TP is slated to be on sale in September.

I found that between the break between issues 25 and 26 I pretty much lost the plot of what's going on, so I'm planning to do a big reread, too.
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