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July 4, 2019 2:30 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A new nuclear-powered military robot, Jet Alone, goes out of control during a demonstration ceremony and heads toward an almost certain meltdown. With the help of Shinji and EVA-01, Misato takes it upon herself to stop its rampage.
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Well I’m sure that Misato and Shinji struggling vainly against a crisis ultimately orchestrated by their friends and colleagues at NERV won’t have any larger resonance, right?
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Jet Alone was named in part after Jet Jaguar, which was the robot sidekick in Godzilla vs Megalon. (Which also happens to be one of my favorite MST3K experiments, but that's a different story.)

Misato kicking the shit out of that locker is the best.

If only the jerk who argued with Ritsuko got more of a comeuppance...
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Misato telling Ritsuko not to make a scene and then just kicking the shit out of a locker for five minutes straight afterwards is something I assume every woman in a professional field can relate to.

It's kind of interesting that the Jet Alone guys know that the Evas go berserk but they don't know about AT Fields. (As Ritsuko points out in this episode.) Presumably the JSSDF doesn't know about AT Fields either, or they wouldn't waste so much money shooting at the angels.
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Know Your Meme: Shinji holding a mug ;)

Misato kicking the shit out of that locker is the best.

Misato, in the Nippon Heavy Industry Solidarity presentation, after Ritsuko and the Chair are verbally sparring: Stop! This is childish.

Ritsuko, when Misato is kicking the shit out of that locker: Stop! It's childish.

They're so different, but similar ;)

I wonder if the flooded Tokyo was an inspiration for Cowboy Bebop's flooded city on earth (when the crew find Radical Edward).
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Obligatory note that the related memes from that link may contain spoilers.

Funny you mention Cowboy Bebop because a) I just started re-watching that after finishing my re-watch of Eva and b) it also does that thing where it doesn't introduce an iconic main character until eight or nine episodes into a 26-episode run. (And c) it's a great show that nonetheless involves hella problematic treatments of its female characters, though arguably it's better at this than NGE in a lot of ways...)

Anyway, Bebop came out in 1998, just a year after End of Eva, close enough that the reference would absolutely feel fresh and immediately recognizable to contemporary viewers but also far enough for the production of Bebop to be influenced by NGE.
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